wrinklesWrinkles are not only the result of genetics, but also the effects of environmental factors, such as divorce, overweight and drugs supra dose, according to a recent study conducted in the United States, informs AFP.

“The genetic type of each individual speaks mainly about the way in which a person ages, but to theĀ  help of accelerating the process are contributing also other factors. In the opposite, avoiding these factors will contribute to slow the effects of time on the human body,” said Bazhaman Guyuron, President Aesthetic Surgery Department of the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland (United States).

The Wrinkles study was examined on 186 pairs of twins, who were supposed to be “programmed” genetically to similarly getting old.

Results indicated that people who went through a divorce seemed two years older than their twin brothers who were married, unmarried or widow. Consumption of antidepressants drugs was associated with accelerating degradation physical appearance.

Regarding twins maximum aged 40 years, the one with more kilos seemed older than his brother. This trend is, however, completely reversed after the age of 40 years, as the person with more kilos looks younger. “Stress may be the common denominator to explain aging appearance into one of two twin brothers,” said Guyuron.

The wrinkles study was published in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In the conclusion, take care of wrinkles from the begining, don’t stress to much, don’t use drugs or anti – depressants. Try to take care of yourself and your skin will have less wrinkles.