Turkish Bath

turkish_bath2The Hamman Turkish-bath is an ancient Eastern tradition, already known and appreciated by the ancient Egyptians, to benefit from the steam effects for our health.

The Hammam is a real rite of welfare, which has its specific ceremonial to be followed; Maghreb women use it to remove from your body grains of desert sand and relax while sipping a mint tea, known by toning .

To have a light skin perfectly smooth and you should perform a deep exfoliation to remove dead cells and give, both elasticity and firmness to the skin surface: it begins, then, by the “steam bath”, which opens the pores and helps with the sweating the elimination of toxins. Continue washing with a special black soap made of olive oil, which cleans and smooths the skin leaving it very smooth. One last step is the passage of a glove of horsehair on the whole body to be carried out by exerting a strong massage. Finally, the Eastern tradition suggests still remain a little to relax by drinking mint tea.

With a few tricks you can play even in a small house hammam and enjoy the same beneficial effects on health: you can scent the bath with eucalyptus essence, which is very aromatic and promotes the release of the respiratory tract, then saturated environment steam by the water heater.

By sitting in the tub, you go up to about 10 cm above the water level and warm, when the skin is well moistened, massaging it with a scrub cream, and from the ankles up toward the sides and shoulders. The movement must always be sensitive, from bottom to top.

In conclusion it is a nice hot shower and enjoying the famous mint tea.

The Turkish bath is more “wet” sauna and is therefore more delicate skin on the airways: it consists in a closed environment and waterproofed, saturated steam at a temperature between 40 C and 60 °. The sauna, however, is dry and comes up to 90 C °. The temperature lower than the dell’hammam sauna allows trattenervisi longer, but paying attention to the signals that we send our body and never exceed twenty minutes.

The Turkish bath, as well as purify and make more toned, supple and shiny skin, is used to combat stress, acne, insomnia, rheumatic pain, dermatitis, colds, and respiratory disorders.

Before you undergo the Turkish bath is necessary to conduct a medical examination, is mandatory for those who suffer from high or low pressure, heart or circulatory problems, kidney disease. The first effect of the heat is the dilation of blood vessels, improves circulation, it is necessary to pay attention to the time of maximum tolerance to heat. Your body signals you with the pulse of the times that it’s time to go out with a refreshing cold shower, and then return safely in the Turkish bath.

The beneficial effects of the Turkish bath will be visible in a short time: a more beautiful skin, improve metabolism and lose weight more easily. Those who want to customize your steam bath can be applied to the skin of essential oils.

Here is some tips and recommended procedure to follow to enjoy a quiet, relaxing and a nice safety Turkish bath:

1. Before entering, take a warm shower to prepare to the best skin treatment;

2. First you can drink a hot herbal tea to promote sweating during the Turkish bath;

3. When you are surrounded by vapors benefits, know that to facilitate the movement is preferable to lying down or even sit with your legs higher than the bust;

4.  Clutches with a glove of horsehair to stimulate circulation and remove dead cells.

turkish bathProcedure

1. Revenue in the Turkish bath and choose a relaxing and comfortable position;

2. Don’t stay longer than 20 minutes. But, beware, if you stay longer take your pulse every 5 minutes;

3. Exit and take a cold shower (preferably with Jacuzzi);

4.  Returned Turkish bath for another 15 minutes;

5. Take a cold shower or better yet completely immerse for half a minute into the pan of cold water or, better still, frozen;

6. Once finished, accommodate  calmly for reaching the body normal temperature;

7. Lie down covering with a blanket and relax for at least 20 minutes;

8. Remember to restore the fluid lost by drinking a lot of water.

Finally remains only to wish you: Enjoy Turkish bath!

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