Topless Aging Skin

bronzMany people wish to have a perfect tan and golden skin, but do they know that topless aging skin? Many people could be affected by the sun, and skin suffers.

More women tend to give up the piece above the bikini. This practice, however, conceals a danger, not only to burn. It is indeed likely to see cede the skin of the breast and get a result in unsightly effects of aging.

The dermatologist Celleno Leonardo, Director of the Center of cosmetic research at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome, warns: “The fact that women opt for topless, to expose the skin to the direct sun, is not good. Parts of the body where the skin is more delicate and sensitive are the breast, together with the neck and face, and back of theĀ  arms. ”

The result is that these areas first age, the skin and stain marks, becoming inelastic, so much so that in 40 years, if a woman who has never tried the topless makes a comparison between the portion of skin covered and exposed to sun, will clearly have a profound difference.

So the choice of topless is not ideal for women who seek to counteract the signs of aging, and in any case should not exaggerate with the exposure and develop appropriate protection.