Tips and Hints Eat On The Run

Handy Tips and Hints To Help You Eat On The Run we give you to help maintain your silhouette. Tips and hints Eat On the run are easy to follow and you will look great and lose weight:
• Get equipped:

Along with your brief case, laptop and/or handbag you need to have a cooler bag for
meals & snacks.
Always have a filled water bottle with you.
TIP: Freeze your cooler bag overnight for hot summer days.
• Bulk Up:
Save time and money by buying and preparing food in bulk. Too much precious time
is wasted by always running to the local shopping center to buy items. Having a well
stocked pantry makes so much easier to grab and run! Arrange someone to do your
shopping if necessary!
TIP: Prepare bulk salads using barley, rice, pasta, chickpeas, beans.
These keep easily for up to three days in the fridge.
When you do prepare food, like over weekends, make extra and freeze it for use
during your busy week.
Buy nuts/seeds & dried fruit in bulk and spend time while in front of the TV packing
handfuls into small packets (e.g. small bank bags).
• Emergency packs:
At the start of each week, take a container to work with ‘basics’ (tomato, cucumber,
green pepper, tub of low fat cheese, cheese wedges, tinned tuna, provitas/ryvitas, cup
of soups, breakfast bars, fruit, yogurts) this becomes your emergency lunch for days
when you forget or simply do not have time to make lunch!

• Keep ‘drawer’ food:
Keep non-perishable food items at work ‘drawer food’ or in your car, your
cubbyhole, your suitcase, and your gym bag. (e.g. dried fruit, biltong, health bars,
nuts, seeds, etc…)

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