Are days when we wake up with dark circles and for those days we advise you to try natural remedies to combat dark circles. Easy recipes to made them at home.

Potato juice

– Contains agents that have the property to light the skin affected by the dark circles. Therefore, either you use potatoes sliced or use the juice to dab the area under the eyes and let it work for 20 minutes. The juice is more efficient.


– Small scrape with their juice are particularly useful in the situation. Apply on the dark circles and let them for 20 minutes; wash with cold water.


– Make a chamomile tea and use the tea bags for your eyes. Helps reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. We recommend to use also the tea for put it in the freezer (or in a special container) to get ice cubes. Keep ice cubes on the eyes (over a cotton pads) for 20 minutes;

Powdered milk and honey mask

– 1 tea spoon of milk powder

– 1 tea spoon of honey

Mix the milk powder with the honey. Apply this mixture over dark circles and leave on for 15-20 minutes;

Try natural remedies to combat dark circles and tell us the results!