Better to squeeze pimples?

Is it better to squeeze pimples? Even is not, everybody does it.

Pimples are the most unpleasant part of acne. When everything is going well, a big pimple, yellow and very visible ruins your whole look. What to do? Better to squeeze pimples? Leave them?

Here’s what experts say:

The rule is only one: do not try to break or squeeze a pimple!

The risks are high: the infection will spread (when you press on it, the content will only have two directions to spread – up and down. If it goes down it is likely to break the wall of the follicle and the bacteria will create other pimples. Or worse, will remain a very unsightly scar). What are you choosing?
If however you decide to break the pimple, here’s a guide to minimize (not eliminate) risks – How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps.

Learn your lesson and see that is not better to squeeze pimples.

How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps

If you are one of that persons that can not resit the temptation to squeeze pimples, follow the advice presented in How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps. This will make you lower the risks of infections.

How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps

– do not break a pimple if you do not have that top white – white point. If it’s just red, do not touch it.

– wash your face with warm water (not cold or hot in any case) with nonalergenic soap that has a pH close to the skin.

– take a needle and pass it through the flame of a lighter or match. This will sterilize the needle.

– wait until the needle cools , then wipe it with a clean cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

– wipe the pimple with alcohol or other astringent liquid that is used for cleaning the skin.

– place the needle parallel to the skin. Sting it from side, in the same parallel position to the skin.

– using a cotton pad press down around the pimple. If you want to use only your fingers, wash hands well and wipe them with alcohol. Do not try to squeeze pimples between the fingers, as I already said, the infection will extend down and make things worse. Push gently until all the pus comes out and you can see that the blood beginning to emerge.

– wipe the pus with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or mild astringent solution.

– after two or three minutes, you can apply a solution against pimples or a cream with aloe vera.

– do not ever squeeze pimples if you have cystic acne.