Skin Care

Skin Care

body care 2Skin care has to be mandatory for everyone who wants to have healthy skin. We have to preoccupy ourselves harder.

Skin care is important for us, the skin is like a visit card, tells about health problems, if there are, it makes us beauty or gave us confidence.Skin care is not easy but is essential.

Do you know which are the skin problems? Some times a small uncontrolled problem can generate a disease. Skin care natural remedies home made are perfect to hydrate your skin, to solf acne problems, or , skin care treatments, skin care products, skin care tips, how to have healthy skin by taking under control your diet.

Take care about your body, face, hair, hands and feet daily. But don’t use too much cosmetics, may harm your skin.

Skin Care Products

Skin care products are very important for your skin, and make you look younger.

Learn more about skin care products.

On our website you will find tips about how to choose skin care products depending on skin types. Find tips and reviews. For any skin problem there is a treatment, there are skin care products made by professionals, or you can prepare them yourself, there are cosmetics or 100% natural.

Choose skin care products carefully.

Skin differs from a person to another, so make your homework and read more before buying a product that is not good for your skin. Of course you will have to try several to see which products works in the end for your skin, but in the end you will find the best. Not always an expensive product is the best. sometimes your pay more for the brand and not for the product properties.

Read more tips, reviews or advice about the skin care products on our web site.

Natural Remedies with cucumber

cucumber mask

Cucumbers contain sugar, vitamins, mineral salts which contribute to the improvement of albumin assimilation and digestion. In folk medicine, fresh cucumbers and juice of them are used for stomach disorders, liver and kidneys. Read about natural remedies with cucumber that make miracles with your skin.

To protect the face skin, the skin on the hands and neck, cucumbers are used in folk cosmetics.

Mask based on cucumber heals skin, makes it softer,  makes pores disappear, makes the skin whiter and is recommended for tired skin and sere, with large pores and pimples.

Try this natural remedies with cucumber following the steps:

– Clean a cucumber, peel it with more meaty, and put it on your skin. From the moment you clean the cucumber used it in skin cosmetics in maximum few hours, don’t have to passed too long, and not be afraid to put the shell in the refrigerator; its extraordinary properties are maintained.

– Get some cucumber juice, put it on a towel and covered up the face for several minutes. Will help reinvigorate the tissues of the skin and help remediate the  effects after a long up night.

– Make a foam from white egg, add two tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice and mash well drained. It is a mask very good for withered skin with large pores.

Here is a very old recipe for oily skin:

– Get some small cucumbers, clean them and cut them small, put cucumbers cut into a glass bowl, then fill the glass with alcohol, cover it with something and put it in the sun. After 12 days, you can used to apply it on your face, every day till the liquid obtained is finished.

Those are natural remedies with cucumber that you can easily make them at home. Try them!


Lupus:  this terrible disease is regarded as a disease of the skin and mucous membranes. The causes are unknown and is considered Autoimmune and collagen. Or rash appear on the front chest and back skin on the head, but the intestines and visceral. Basically around the eruption this disease is killing the healthy tissue and rot alive. The psychic of course is affected, patients with depressive states of drowsiness and pain in joints.

The symptoms of lupus are: inflammation, swelling, damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart and lungs.

The human healthy body immune system makes proteins called antibodies to protect and fight against viruses and bacteria. Lupus makes the immune system unable to differentiate between viruses or bacteria and healthy tissue. In stead of fighting with the viruses or bacteria, the immune system direct antibodies against also the healthy tissue, not only the antigens, causing swelling, pain, and tissue damage.

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