Medical weight loss and skin care clinic – barboursville, wv

Medical weight loss and skin care clinic – barboursville, wv

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Medical weight loss and skin care clinic – barboursville, wv

Face Cleansing

Face Cleansing

face cleansingFace cleansing is important for your beauty. Lovely skin can be keep only learning to take care of you, a proper face cleansing is necessary.

First of all you must know that you should never touch your face before washing your hands. Face cleansing is mandatory at least twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. Don’t forget to cleanse also the neck, sometimes neglected by the majority of women.

Doesn’t matter if you are wearing make-up today, you have to do the daily face cleansing to get away the dust, the bacterias or skin secretion as fat or sweat.

For cleansing you can use cosmetics or natural care. Clean your face with warm water, but some times using cold water can help a lot, so the clarifying water must be cold. Cold water not only helps cleansing the face skin, but also stimulates the blood circulation.

Attention! Be careful when you choose a soap, it may dry your skin. For oily face it may seems a good thing but is not helping, because in time will lead to the wrinkles appearance.

Once a week is recommended the cleansing with a special brush. Again, we are telling you not to forget the neck. Using circular movements, clean first the forehead, than the cheeks, nose, chin and neck. This way you will benefit also about a face massage, that will  make you fill better. Never dry your face with a towel, let the water vaporize for itself.

Cleansing products are also very efficient. Use a cleanser twice per day to have a great face skin. Choose one appropriate with your skin type.

Some times using natural remedies you can obtain good results. Find out more about face cleansing products or face natural care!

Face Skin Care

Face skin care is important for each woman. For sure there is no woman who wants to be ugly, or look older than her age. Wrinkles are the first who betray each person if she takes care of herself or not.

Do you know how to identify your skin type so the face skin care to have more positive results? Face skin care differ from a person to another, from a skin type to color. All this elements are important. Read more about skin type and treatments for each women that you can try or prepare at home. Ingredients are easy to find and the recipes are very efficient.

Skin can have a lot of problems or diseases. Can be treated using special creams, or natural remedies. Depends on you which method will chose, but the results has to be relevant, and in short term, because, we as women, are not patient, so we have to use treatments for face skin care with immediately impact.

Daily face skin care keeps the age effects on skin away, wrinkles won’t be visible, the skin will glow and you will be glamorous. There is no other  feeling comparing with a compliment as “you look very young considering your age”.

Read on our web site recommended creams, face skin care products, natural face skin care remedies, anti aging products, anti wrinkle products, daily use cream, etc.!

Health Benefits of Lime

Health Benefits of Lime

lime juiceThe health benefits of lime are multiples. Limes are used for scurvy, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gum, eye care, piles, urinary disorders, and others like arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fatigue, heart diseases and even very high fever. But we will talk only the properties that help lose weight and how lime contributes to skin care beauty.

Health benefits of lime for skin care

Lime juice and the oil produce from fresh fruits are having only beneficial effects for skin, even they are consumed orally or applied externally.

Use a foam from a white egg and combine with some grater lime peel. Apply it on the skin and cover with a cold towel for 10 minutes. When applied externally on skin, its acids scrub out the dead cells, cures dandruff, rashes, bruises, etc. A lot of skin diseases are solved.

The reinvigorating effects won’t appear too late. Lime juice rejuvenates the skin, protects it from infections, keeps it shining. Due to the presence of the high level of vitamin C reduces body odor, activating as a anti oxidant, anti biotic and disinfectant.

After a hard working day come at home and take a hot bath in which put slices of limes, and 200 ml of juice. This refreshing bath will give you energy, and your skin will feel great in every pore. Don’t forget that the smell of lime is very good as aroma therapy.

Lime juice can be used to make your hair become lighter with sun exposure. However it can make your skin darker with sunlight. Your skin bronze will stay longer.

Health benefits of lime will help you feel great and refreshing. Try it now!

Facial Skin Care

facial skin careFacial skin care is very important for your beauty. Every one wants to find out the secrets. Solve the skin problems, and maintain the skin clean.

But before facial skin care, do you know which type is your face? After you know for sure, will be easy to chose the right products for your skin. Rarely cosmetic products are good for all types of skin. Even natural remedies, fruits and vegetables has to be used depending on skin type.

For better result facial skin care program has to be respected day by day, in the morning and in the evening, so your skin look fresh that the aging would not affect your face. The wrinkles will appear later, your skin will be hydrated, will glow, will be fresh and reinvigorated.

For sure you are looking for are some trick and tips in order to respect a program and have a beautiful face. Please find at Natural Skin Care/ Face Care Natural Remedies category few recipe using only natural ingredients, treatments made at home, that you can do it yourself and save money. Results won’t retard to appear.


fruitsFruits make miracles for your body. Eating or using them in several natural treatments are giving you energy, hydrate your body or skin, maintain you healthy. Vitamin C, minerals, enzyme, all are included in fruits.

Fruits are beauty friends, contain less calories and a lot of water, good for hydration. So, eat fruits because is important for your health, helps you look better, that’s why are recommended in diets.

Even cream and cosmetics are having as ingredients fruits. Reduce the aging effects on skin, reduce the appetite helps you lose weight.

Here are some fruits that makes you feel better. Read about their properties and how are good when you eat them and how to use them in some natural treatments that you can make at home. Natural remedies are recommanded for your skin, they can cure skin problems, in a great combination they even cure cancer. Try our recipes and you will see the results. See our dedicated posts:



– Apple

– Strawberries

– Grapefruit

– Pineapple

– Papaya

Body Care

body care 1It’s Summer time and the weather is hot. After a working day you feel exhausted and your body needs help. Try to relax and try a body care program, you will feel the difference.

Body care is important for your health. Keep your body clean and hydrated.

1. Start the day with a warm shower. If your skin supports it, use cold water. It’s refreshing and will fill you with energy. Also is good for blood circulation.

2. Use anti solar cream with UV protection for the entire body.

3. During the day use a aqua thermal spray and hydrate your body skin, of course, the visible parts.

4. In the evening take a warm, soothing bath. Put lavender for reducing the muscle tension. You can choose chamomile for reducing swelling and skin pain. Also very good for relaxing are lime flowers. Lie in the bath for maximum 30 minutes.

5. Use an exfoliate lotion, and then hydrate the body with a moisturizing cream. Make sure that you’ll cover the entire body. Don’t forget your neck, or your hands and feet. Is not important the brand your body skin products you use, is very important to be appropriate with your skin type.

6. Take a good night sleep of minimum 7 hours.

Body care program has to be daily, for you to have great results. With the passing time the minutes you spend taking care of your body will decrease. It won’t seams to hard to do it. This body care program is not expensive and you will look younger during only 2 weeks.

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