Skin care routine and acne treatment

Skin care routine and acne treatment

My skincare routine and acne treatment idea. I forgot to add the Visine eye drops. Add about 10 drops to the solution. DISCLAIMER: I do not work for or sponsor any of the companies I have mentioned in my video. I bought everything with my own money….

Skin care routine and acne treatment

My nail care routine

My nail care routine

The products I use on my nails! Check out my vlog channel! Follow me on Twitter! My website! Ask me a question on Formspring? http Products mentioned: -Nail files -Seche Clear -Seche Vite -OPI Original Nail Envy -Cutex polish remover FTC: I bought this all myself, but Seche, if you are reading this, I would love a lifetime supply of Seche Vite. Love, your biggest fan….

My nail care routine

Skin Care Routine

Skin care routine

Here is another video with an usual girl talking about her SKIN CARE ROUTINE!!

🙂 She is, most important then all, worry about the way her hair is.

The products used in this video are:

– Gentle cetiphil face wash cetiphill lotion morning burst face scrub

– St. Ives apricot scrub duac gel

– mario badescu drying lotion

She is saying that she bought all of these products and is not getting paid to review these products. She is not affiliated with this company and “these are my 100% honest opinions!”…

Have fun watching this skin care routine video!

Skin care routine

Daily Skin Care Routine

Daily skin care routine

Here I found a video describing daily skin care routine. All the products in this video are under 10 dollars and can be purchased at any drug store. Sorry about the quality of the video, the lighting and sound.

Use those fingers because they dont pull your skin as hard as your other fingers do.

1. Aveeno clear complection face wash

2. Biore pore unclogging scrub

3. Garnier face wipes

4. Neutrogena moisturizer SPF 15

5. Biotin skin/hair/nails

A daily skin care routine is not so hard to keep it!

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