Photopneumatic treatment for acne

Photopneumatic treatment for acne is a new treatment for acne, that was announced at the meeting of the American Society for Surgery Dermatology. The Aesthera Company  already recognized the two treatments combined (laser and pneumatic photo = = vacuum) and created Profusion (TM) Skin Therapy.

Photopneumatic treatment for acne works in two steps. The first step is mechanical cleaning pores of sebum, using vacuum, while treating the affected area with laser light. In the second stage is inserted into the skin using the applicator Profusion, a therapeutic compound whose formula was not revealed.

The whole treatment will take 15 minutes , it is not painful and does not require local anesthesia.

“… Is a truly revolutionary approach to aesthetic medicine where the fusion of exceptional scientists and clinical results have created the most requested treatment,” said Vic Narurkar, MD, Director of Bay Area Laser Institute in San Francisco, talking about photopneumatic treatment for acne.

Profusion overcome the barriers of external localized treatments using the vacuum to expand the intercellular space. Thus, when the skin is so stretched, the application of therapeutic compounds achieve four key points:

-penetration depth of skin layer

-uniform distribution

-applying sufficient amounts of therapeutic compounds

-absorption rate

As photopneumatica technology, it has increased efficiency in both forms of cystic acne and inflammatory pustules or comedones in those. The results are seen after 24 or 48 hours.

We hope that our article will help you decide if photopneumatic treatment for acne is a solution to your problem. Tell us about it!