Londoners Beauty Habits

I’ve just come back from vacation and could not miss wrinting about Londoners beauty habits.  So many things impressed me that I have a lot of articles to write about Londoners beauty habits.

First of all, London is the largest metropolitan area in UK, and some say is the largest urban zone in Europe Union.  London is like a global city, being great in so many domanins like education, commerce,  finance, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport, entertainment, art, healthcare and fashion.

I was surprise to see statistics that said that more than 45% of the population of London are not British, being composed by white british, white irish, white east europeans, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black Caribbean, black African (nigerians and ghanaians), Chinese and an important range of mixed population.

Imagine now the chalange for beauticians to creat beauty products for such a huge range of skin types, each with his particularities. But in London in not difficult to find it. Not even are so many beauty centers, shops, salons, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc, but also people take care of themselves each day.

Being such a big city, is mandatory to leave home to work very early in the morning. Many use the tubes, and women use the time becoming experts in quick make-up, or eat on the run, being preocupied for health, reading magazins about beauty, buying DVD’s with workout exercises, all of them defining the Londoners beauty habits.

I will be back with diet recipes.