London Diet Plan

Asking around I found out a London diet plan from women desperate to lose weight. This plan is not a guarantee for all women, but is never a bad thing to try a new diet, when is not involving starvation.

Few ideas that can be followed also at work, 5 meals per day, are easy to do it! Eat at breakfast no more than 350 -400 calories, 350 – 400 calories at lunch, and 300 -350 at dinner. The meals between should not be more than 100 – 150 calories each.

In addition, have half a pint of skimmed milk a day, drink herbal teas (lemon, ginger, forest fruits, vanilla, green tea) and lots of water.

Day 1


– a bowl of steaming porridge using 50 g of oats and 200 ml milk

– you can use max 1 teaspoon of brown sugar


– 300 g bowl of pea and mint soup

– you can eat a chunk of granary bread


– beef casserole (100g) with baked sweet potatoes.

– you can use other vegetables (150g) like zucchini, egg-plant, pea, broccoli, corn in stead of potatoes.

For Mid -am and Mid-pm use a banana, Greek yogurt, an apple.

See tomorrow London Diet plan DAY 2