Cleansing skin with lemon juice w/ honey

Cleansing skin with lemon juice w/ honey

cleansing my skin w/ Lemon Juice & Honey I got tip from Ms. Rosa: HairNailBeautyTips. here’s her channel: check her out you want be disappointed. She has alot of tips on how to do things as far as beauty hair nails and using natural tips etc.. I only left the Honey and Lemon Mask on for 1 min, you can leave it on as long as 5 min per Ms Rosa….

Cleansing skin with lemon juice w/ honey

At home facial masks.wmv

At home facial masks.wmv

This video teaches 2 masks – chocolate for moisture and active charcoal for detoxifying. The song used is Delerium’s Wisdom off the Karma album. Blog: Skin Care and Eye Kandy Cosmetics Licensed Esthetician/Valedictorian 2009 The Academy @ Austin (A Paul Mitchell Partner School) I do not endorse any products pictured in the video. They are simply for demonstration/tutorial purposes. Lyrics: To others the pain was obvious The colours of shame a bruise – unjust Abuse of trust can’t be wiped I can’t remember why I chose to say goodbye I’m terrified of what I might have seve…

At home facial masks.wmv

Exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients

Exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients

In this video, Sheetal shares some valuable tips to exfoliate your skin using natural and readily available ingredients. These tips are highly effective, and very safe to use. Apsara Skin Care, Inc. is based on Ayurveda–a 3000+year-old system of health and wellbeing that originated in India. http…

Exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients

Skin care routine and acne treatment

Skin care routine and acne treatment

My skincare routine and acne treatment idea. I forgot to add the Visine eye drops. Add about 10 drops to the solution. DISCLAIMER: I do not work for or sponsor any of the companies I have mentioned in my video. I bought everything with my own money….

Skin care routine and acne treatment

Benefits of Grapefruit

grapefruitsBenefits of natural and curative properties of grapefruits

Eating grapefruit in different salads, will determine the salivary gland to product more., helping digestion.  Grapefruit is an important tonic for your health.


Despite bitter taste grapefruit has a fresh alkaline reaction after digestion. Juice is beneficial in the prevention and treatment and the acidity of many diseases caused by too much acid in the body.

Digestive Diseases

This fruit is good in preventing constipation. Grapefruit pulp action and help intestines level. It is beneficial in maintaining health at the intestines and also it  seams that prevent diarrhea and other diseases of digestive system.


The general opinion of many doctors is that grapefruit, by his property to have low level of sugar, not only is great in diabetics diet, but also helps preventing, by eating grapefruit between meals.


Grapefruit juice is good in the treatment of fever. He dies thirst and removes burning sensation caused by fever. You should drink mixed with water. Avoid adding sugar.


Quinine contained in grapefruit is a natural treatment recommended in treating malaria. Quinine is it good and cold with fever.


Grapefruit is beneficial in the treatment of fatigue. If you drink a glass of grapefruit and lemon juice in equal amounts, will make you feel better after a day of work.

Urinary insufficiency

Grapefruit juice is very rich in vitamin C and potassium. Also can be used as medicine in treating urination caused by insufficient liver, kidney and heart diseases.

Natural Face Care

Natural face care will help you look younger using natural ingredients, using fruits or vegetables.

Here are some tips about natural face care. Be sure that wrinkles will appear much later than you expect, that will give beauty for “mask” that give time too frequent visits to wards of cosmetics and spent nothing.

Treatment for dry skin

ChamomileIf you have dry skin, wash the face every night with the chamomile, and after which it may apply a cream suitable for this type of skin. Chamomile makes miracle for face problems. Cures acne, helps to heal your rushes, and gives a younger aspect.

Treatment for oily skin

If you have oily skin and dilated pores, use the following mask: rasp 1-2 potatoes. Put into the juice few drops of lemon. Potato starch reduces excess fat on the face, and juice will be astrigent and will close the pores. Wash skin with mineral water and use no cream.

Mask plant

Put in a liter of water, lime, chamomile, mint and elder. Boil them for a few minutes. Slipped, leave to cool, add one egg yolk, juice from a carrot and a little of yeast. Ridden it well and apply on face as a mask which stand 30-40 minutes. Wash the face  with the tea left from boiling plant. Do this once a week. It’s a very efficient natural face care.

Treatment for ring

Make ice cubes from a tea prepared of lime, chamomile and mint. In time, you will get rid of the dark ring, and the eyes will be resting. And if you apply nut oil on your eyebrows, they will become glossy and you no longer need to use eyebrow.

Get rid of fatigue pale

Make apples juice, apply on face skin. You will get rid of fatigue pale, it makes your skin become pinky, nice and shiny. In addition this combination feeds the skin. Once again a natural face care treatment have great results. Just try it.