15 Tips to Fight Herpes

Here are 15 tips to fight herpes problems:

1. Keep your immune system strong! Once weakened, the body can no longer fight infection.
2. Sleep well enough! If you suffer from insomnia, take a calming tea before you sleep, go to the doctor or read article about easy sleep!
3. Start a daily diet with food supplements based on vitamins and minerals, but only after medical advice.
4. Eat more foods rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and iron, which will strengthen your body and will effectively fight infection. Find out what foods in the Articles about  vitamins and minerals.
5. Eat more apples and onions! Apples and onions contain quercetin, a substance with antiviral properties. Why swallow pills when you can eat something light and healthy?

6. To reduce inflammation and expansion of herpes, rinse your mouth with water and baking soda.
7. To reduce redness and itching, apply cool water compresses or thermal water on the sore place.
8. Use creams or ointments that numb the place a little sore, so you’ll feel less pain (Orajel, Anbesol, etc.)..
9. Regardless of season, use a lip balm with UV filter, vitamin C. Read more abou benefits of lime!

10. If you live with someone who suffers or has suffered from oral herpes or genital herpes, use separate plates and utensils, towels, razors or any other object that comes into contact with sensitive infections.
11. Don’t let your child put his mouth on the toys of other children.
12. From time to time, disinfect with boiling water and a powerful solution, plates, utensils, clothes and toys for your family.

13. While herpes blisters break and the liquid is removed, you’d better not come in contact with others until the crust is formed.
14. Use gloves when applying ointment or cream on herpes to avoid contamination of other parts of the mouth or genitals.
15. Do not kiss your partner, even if the herpes was almost completely dry!