Health benefits of mulberries


Did you every thought of health benefits of mulberries?

In many countries mulberries are ignored. This fruits has a lot of benefits for your health. Here are just a few heath benefits of mulberries:

– it’s a powerful anti – oxidant

– has anti inflammatory properties

– is lowering your blood presser

– improves blood circulation

– cleanses the blood

– prevents lots of heart diseases

– strengthens the immune system

– has anti aging properties

– enhances appetite

– has low calories

– may help with neurological diseases

– helps yous memory

– calms nerves

– strengthens eyesight

– cleanses and support the liver

– helps with constipation

– protect against cancer

Not yet convinced of the health benefits of mulberries? Here more:

– rich in B complex vitamins

– rich in vitamin K

– excellent source of iron

– excellent source of vitamin C

– good source of manganese and magnesium

– free radical scavenger

How to consume mulberries?

– fresh

– smoothies – combined with other fruits

– make an ice cream – adding honey to the blended smoothies and freeze for 24 h.

– juice

– and many other ways.