Face Cleansing

Face Cleansing

face cleansingFace cleansing is important for your beauty. Lovely skin can be keep only learning to take care of you, a proper face cleansing is necessary.

First of all you must know that you should never touch your face before washing your hands. Face cleansing is mandatory at least twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. Don’t forget to cleanse also the neck, sometimes neglected by the majority of women.

Doesn’t matter if you are wearing make-up today, you have to do the daily face cleansing to get away the dust, the bacterias or skin secretion as fat or sweat.

For cleansing you can use cosmetics or natural care. Clean your face with warm water, but some times using cold water can help a lot, so the clarifying water must be cold. Cold water not only helps cleansing the face skin, but also stimulates the blood circulation.

Attention! Be careful when you choose a soap, it may dry your skin. For oily face it may seems a good thing but is not helping, because in time will lead to the wrinkles appearance.

Once a week is recommended the cleansing with a special brush. Again, we are telling you not to forget the neck. Using circular movements, clean first the forehead, than the cheeks, nose, chin and neck. This way you will benefit also about a face massage, that will  make you fill better. Never dry your face with a towel, let the water vaporize for itself.

Cleansing products are also very efficient. Use a cleanser twice per day to have a great face skin. Choose one appropriate with your skin type.

Some times using natural remedies you can obtain good results. Find out more about face cleansing products or face natural care!


wrinklesWrinkles are not only the result of genetics, but also the effects of environmental factors, such as divorce, overweight and drugs supra dose, according to a recent study conducted in the United States, informs AFP.

“The genetic type of each individual speaks mainly about the way in which a person ages, but to the  help of accelerating the process are contributing also other factors. In the opposite, avoiding these factors will contribute to slow the effects of time on the human body,” said Bazhaman Guyuron, President Aesthetic Surgery Department of the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland (United States).

The Wrinkles study was examined on 186 pairs of twins, who were supposed to be “programmed” genetically to similarly getting old.

Results indicated that people who went through a divorce seemed two years older than their twin brothers who were married, unmarried or widow. Consumption of antidepressants drugs was associated with accelerating degradation physical appearance.

Regarding twins maximum aged 40 years, the one with more kilos seemed older than his brother. This trend is, however, completely reversed after the age of 40 years, as the person with more kilos looks younger. “Stress may be the common denominator to explain aging appearance into one of two twin brothers,” said Guyuron.

The wrinkles study was published in the medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In the conclusion, take care of wrinkles from the begining, don’t stress to much, don’t use drugs or anti – depressants. Try to take care of yourself and your skin will have less wrinkles.

Olive Oil Recipe

olive oil treatmentOlive oil recipe for dry skin is well known. Used in cosmetics, olive oil is only beneficial for your skin. As a cosmetic treatment is always a natural treatment and used for hydration. Being considered a “beauty of oil”, olive oil started to be increasingly used in the form of face masks for both home and beauty saloons for body maintenance. With many natural recipes anyone can have  a skin hydrated and soft. Use one of olive oil recipe presented below.

Olive Oil Recipe for Face Care

Olive Oil Mask

Use once a week for face care a mask from a spoon of olive oil and an egg. Mix well and  then apply immediately. The effects of this natural recipes are fast and beneficial: a ten brighter and wrinkles are diminished .

As natural treatment apply worm  olive oil, and let it work at least 20 minutes. After removing with warm water you may apply a cosmetic treatment for face skin. You must use olive oil recipe for a natural skin beauty.

For a brown skin, another olive oil recipe is that of 1 spoon olive oil and carrot fresh juice. Mix them together and apply for 30 minutes. Wash it with worm water. Good effects to your skin is to wash it with sparkling water. Is a natural treatment that will give your skin a healthy aspect and you will look younger.

Do you want a brighter face skin? Try this olive oil recipe based, using only 1 spoon of olive oil and 2 spoons of fresh cream.

For Skin Care, a natural recipe mask made using a spoon of olive oil and juice from 1/4 lemon, has astringent effect and hydration. What could be simpler than this olive oil recipe, a natural beneficial for any type of skin?

Take a free advice:
Olive oil has to be every woman’s friend! Try one of the olive oil recipe presented above and you will see the good result on your face skin, after only few times of using them.

Natural Face Care

Natural face care will help you look younger using natural ingredients, using fruits or vegetables.

Here are some tips about natural face care. Be sure that wrinkles will appear much later than you expect, that will give beauty for “mask” that give time too frequent visits to wards of cosmetics and spent nothing.

Treatment for dry skin

ChamomileIf you have dry skin, wash the face every night with the chamomile, and after which it may apply a cream suitable for this type of skin. Chamomile makes miracle for face problems. Cures acne, helps to heal your rushes, and gives a younger aspect.

Treatment for oily skin

If you have oily skin and dilated pores, use the following mask: rasp 1-2 potatoes. Put into the juice few drops of lemon. Potato starch reduces excess fat on the face, and juice will be astrigent and will close the pores. Wash skin with mineral water and use no cream.

Mask plant

Put in a liter of water, lime, chamomile, mint and elder. Boil them for a few minutes. Slipped, leave to cool, add one egg yolk, juice from a carrot and a little of yeast. Ridden it well and apply on face as a mask which stand 30-40 minutes. Wash the face  with the tea left from boiling plant. Do this once a week. It’s a very efficient natural face care.

Treatment for ring

Make ice cubes from a tea prepared of lime, chamomile and mint. In time, you will get rid of the dark ring, and the eyes will be resting. And if you apply nut oil on your eyebrows, they will become glossy and you no longer need to use eyebrow.

Get rid of fatigue pale

Make apples juice, apply on face skin. You will get rid of fatigue pale, it makes your skin become pinky, nice and shiny. In addition this combination feeds the skin. Once again a natural face care treatment have great results. Just try it.

Face Care

face careFace care is very important. Face can tell your age, not always the same with your true age, face care makes the difference about the way you look, or how old are you. If you don’t treat well your skin, wrinkles appear, the facial skin is dehydrated and is not healthy. First thing to do when you want to figure out the age of a person is to look carefully at face and hands. Healthy face skin and hydrated hands are important.

On this web site you can find out tips about face care, products that can help you look younger, natural remedies, useful information for anti-aging products. Read more about skin problems and remedies and treatments to solve them 100% natural, but also cosmetic or pharmaceutical products very efficient. Depends on skin types and problems, but find out more about how to choose correctly the face care treatment, cleansers, creams, tonics.

A good doctor can read a misfunctionality of your internal organs on your face. The color of your skin, or the white dots, or pigmentation, or marks has different  interpretation: biliary problems, high level of cholesterol, etc.

Face care have to be your daily preoccupation, you have to respect a schedule, you have to take care of yourself, you have to respect yourself. Is not a secret that beauty women take care of their skin.

Some one smart ones said that “There are not ugly women, there are only negligent.” So, depends on you about how beauty you are and you look.

The best face care advice is to eat healthy and drink a lot of  liquids! Find out more on face care category.

Natural remedies with tomatoes

Natural remedies with tomatoes for all types of skin are easy to homemade and very efficient.
Tomatoes with cheese cows freshness render any type of skin

Tomatoes contain many useful nutrients rights, mineral salts and vitamins, are also very rich in potassium. Besides their wide use in gastronomy, from ancient times, and tomatoes are used in folk cosmetics.

In case of oily skin, the ground color and large pores is used on a mask of red: the places pore apply red pieces of tin and a few minutes.

For dry skin is also recommended in a red mask: mix up a red rasp with a small amount of starch up to obtain a paste, then add a few drops of vegetable oil. Mask lies on the face for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water.

For any type of skin is shown a mask of red and cow cheese: mix two tablespoons of fresh cheese, a spoon of milk, a spoon of sunflower oil, a red cut pieces; pasta obtained lies on the face for 15-20 minutes, wash it with warm water, then clean again with cold water.

In case of very large pores is better to put food on the face of red or soaking a piece of cloth in red juice, and then to cover her face for 15-20 minutes.

Use this natural remedies eith tomatoes and your skin will look younger.