Natural lip plumper, hair growth stimulator, cellulite remover and more.

Natural lip plumper, hair growth stimulator, cellulite remover and more.

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Natural lip plumper, hair growth stimulator, cellulite remover and more.

How to reduce cellulite | stretch marks | wrinkles | cellulitis

How to reduce cellulite | stretch marks | wrinkles | cellulitis

— CELLULITE BEST | Cellulite Best Tips | Cellulite Best Guide! How to Reduce Cellulite There is no quick fix for cellulite, but through a variety of cellulite solutions, you can greatly reduce and improve the orange peel appearance on your body. 1.To reduce cellulite, drink water. Aim for a least 2 liters a day. This will help to flush out toxins and help your body regulate better. 2.Exercise to reduce cellulite. Even a little bit of exercise everyday will help, but try and work in some vigorous exercise for better results. Losing weight can help reduce that cottage chees…

How to reduce cellulite | stretch marks | wrinkles | cellulitis

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment

cellulite2Here are natural remedies that we recommend for cellulite treatment:

1. Hydration

Try to drink as much water during the day and tea in particular. The following helps you eliminate toxins and excess water from the body and also improve your blood circulation.

For better results we recommend as cellulite treatment to apply lotions or anti cellulite gels.

2. Diet – eat what you watch

Often we are not give too very much importance to the food we eat. Always in the fast, at random, we are not careful about the consumption. In time, however this only affects the digestive system, the body in general, and skin, which loses its health and appearance of solidity.

Physicians recommend the following foods: bananas, avocados, citrus, nuts, onions, berries, broccoli, beans, grains of oats, fish oil, pineapples, pears and water melon.

They have the property to eliminate water from the body, anti inflammatory effects, detoxification, neutralization of free radicals and regulating blood pressure.

So try to add these foods in your daily menu and you will see how this cellulite treatment will give results over time.
3. Vitamins, best friends in the fight against Cellulite

We recommend as cellulite treatment to take care of your body monitoring the vitamins. Food supplements containing vitamins help in the fight against Cellulite, but take care not to rely only on them, because they will not give the results expected. Important is that vitamins are combined with a healthy diet. See above.

Most recommended vitamins to fight Cellulite are: calcium, iodine, potassium, sulfur, selenium, lino oily acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium. You can find the most in a food supplement which may be issued from any pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor. our advice is not to take any pills till you talk with a nutritionist. Taking vitamins too long can cause other problems, and gives appetite, that makes you want to eat more. In stead of helping you may have several kilos more in the end.

4. Small steps for big results

If you read and respect the following tips, you will see important changes in time. But it is important, of course, not to  respect them a shot period of time, but all the time.

– Coffee makes miracle. Massage your skin on areas affected by cellulite, then pack up with a plastic sheet and wait 20 minutes.

– Areas with cellulite should be massaged by circular movements with a special brush massage.

– Do not hate sport, on the contrary, try to do daily exercise, aerobic or run. Nothing puts more your blood in motion as physical activity.

– When you bath, add 2 cups of sea salt and relax yourself in hot water for 20 minutes .

– Consume more fruit and vegetables and natural juices, home made by fresh products.

– Avoid drinks too cold or too hot.

– No longer eat at fast food.

– Give up smoking and alcohol.

– Avoid excessive salt.


paa421000048Cellulite is called “aspect of orange” skin, manifested by a series of inflammation more or less visible, and thickening of the skin, depending on the of degree of seriousness. Inflammations are caused by accumulated toxins in the body that were not removed in time.

Cellulite occurs mainly to  women and even young women. Moreover, this disease is not just for fat people, but appears also in those with normal weight or even skinner.

Most women are afraid of plastic surgery as liposuction (considered the most effective and fast method of removing Cellulite) or the method is too expansive and most of the women can not afford it. Fortunately though there are other remedies such as natural, which provides reliable results, but after a longer period. But it is important that women affected by cellulite to be consistent in following the treatment, but not discouraged when you do not see results in the short term.

Fight cellulite with a good hydration, or make some exercices, work little by little every day. It’s important for you to achieve the goal and see a result as soon as posible. Read more about natural remedies to get rid of cellulite, but you have to work hard to have a healthy skin.