Better to squeeze pimples?

Is it better to squeeze pimples? Even is not, everybody does it.

Pimples are the most unpleasant part of acne. When everything is going well, a big pimple, yellow and very visible ruins your whole look. What to do? Better to squeeze pimples? Leave them?

Here’s what experts say:

The rule is only one: do not try to break or squeeze a pimple!

The risks are high: the infection will spread (when you press on it, the content will only have two directions to spread – up and down. If it goes down it is likely to break the wall of the follicle and the bacteria will create other pimples. Or worse, will remain a very unsightly scar). What are you choosing?
If however you decide to break the pimple, here’s a guide to minimize (not eliminate) risks – How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps.

Learn your lesson and see that is not better to squeeze pimples.