Do you know about weight risks? Overweight confers a variety of risks on women, particularly when fat stores are centered in the abdominal or truncal areas of the body.

These risks include:

– coronary heart disease;

– hypertension;

– dyslipidemias, including elevated levels of very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and LDL-C;

– diabetes;

– gallstone formation;

– and cancers of the reproductive organs.

Excess body weight has also been linked to increased risk for osteoarthritis of the knee, stress incontinence, infertility, and increased risk of infection after surgery.

Knowing the weight risks, most women used to not eat, in order to lose weight, but will have secondary effects on the human organism. Start diet after talking with a nutrition, or afert reading carefully the articles online. And let me tell you a secret – drink lots of WATER ! Read here about its benefits!

So, women, let’s do something about weight, let’s fight and do something to have a healthy body!