Slow release foods

Slow release foods means Low Glycaemic Index. Introduce slow release foods in your diet for better results.

These foods are digested and absorbed more slowly and allow glucose to be released slowly and steadily into the  bloodstream. The demand on insulin production is therefore less resulting in the following health benefits:
° Sustained energy
° Enhanced health & well being also improved immunity
° Less demand on insulin therefore great for those with diabetes
° Feelings of satiety – fuller for longer
° Promotes fat loss
° Less cravings (Easier to turn down that afternoon chocolate!)
° Better mental performance

A few examples of slow release foods:
Sweet potato, Durum Pasta (Cooked aldente), Oat bran & Certain Oats, Kellogg’s hi fiber bran Pearled Barley, Mealies, Soya, All legumes– dried & canned, (peas, baked beans, lentils, pea Dahl…), Seed loaf bread, Pro-vita