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Our goal is to become an adviser for you, we want to help you take care of yourself, of your entire body. Find out more on our web site not only about skin problems, skin types, skin care tips, tricks, reviews, etc. , but also about skin products, natural remedies, natural products, homemade products, aroma therapy, fresh fruits therapy, etc.

Hair Care

2491297533_fb6f9020bc Hair care is important. The hair makes you look beautiful.

Dandruff, or health problems that determine hair loss are only 2 of the problems that can be solved. Read more on our website, at Hair Care category.

Cutting your hair will make it grow faster. But style is very important. If you have a curly hair you don’t have too many choices, but stylists are very creative and in the end you can inspire visiting our photo gallery.

Hair care simple advice like washing the hair daily is dangerous, don’t dry the hair with hot air, are just some of the tips.

Did you know that for some types of hair is not recommended the coloring? So many problems can appear if you are coloring your hair. Hair coloring techniques, hair coloring ideas, hair coloring tips, hair coloring removal articles will answer to all the questions about coloring your hair.

Face Care

2309082804_71f40fd51fDo you know what types is your face skin? Do you know how to treat your skin in order to look 10 years younger?  Face care is important and mandatory.

Follow the rules told by the dermatologists or make-up artist specialist and you will have a perfect face skin. You have to be beauty in order to feel yourself great.

Face skin problems can be solve using special dermatological treatments or natural remedies that you can do them at home. Acne problems, lupus, psoriasis are only few skin diseases. Read more on our category Skin Problems.

Face care is also about hair removal, perfect eye brows, mustache removal, treatment for long lashes or lashes volume, etc. Tips and useful information you can find here.

So many brands and different Face care products you are finding out of. How to choose the best products for your skin type or color is very important. Save money reading about the products. A cheap product is not always a bad thing. Products from East European Countries like Gerovital from Romania, for example, are low cost production and 100% natural resources.

Body Care

3017709083_3e875c0aaeWhen I say body care i want you to think at the entire body skin. Don’t treat only the parts of the body that are visible. Don’t lie to yourself. Is not OK to take care of your face and forget about the skin from your neck, or make hair removal till knees.

Come on. Try to stay naked in front of a mirror and observe yourself. See that you have parts with cellulite, parts are too skinny, parts are too dry, etc., etc. This is not good.

Make a simply body care program and respect it daily.Is not so hard to respect it and look beauty, but you have to do some sacrifices.

Tips, useful information, remedies, spa remedies, and many others articles are written on our category Body Care.

Hand care

moisturize-hands_300There are not daily activities that you can do during the day without hands.

Chemicals, detergents, weather conditions are affecting the skin.

Your skin is suffering of dehydration, or worst is affected by eczema, psoriasis, lupus, etc. Read which disease can be solve at home and how and when is mandatory to go and see a doctor.

Hand care is important. Respect your skin and look beautiful.


Foot Care

foot-careEvery one wants to have beautiful feet. Foot care is important for the general aspect. Dry skin, or hair removal, cellulite, and many other topics are discussed on our web site.

Please read more articles about how to take care of your feet at our category Foot Care . Choose the right cream for your skin type. Use  sun protection in the summer. Secrets about hair removal, permanent hair removal.

Be prepared for feet problems. Articles, tips and other useful information about a perfect pedicure you can find at Nail Care category.

Nail Care

manicure2Who says no to a 30 minute of manicure. Your hands are hydrated, your nails are well clean, trendy cut, colored polish.

“I want trendy nails to put in value my hands, to make them look younger”. This is what you think and for sure you are right.

No matter if you ask for a manicure at a premium salon, or you do it yourself at home, your nail care is important.

Read more tips on Nail Care category.