Rough Elbows

moisturize-elbow_300Rough elbows is not so hard to prevent. The thicker skin on top of the elbows, due to the loss of moisture, can be easily solve using cream every day. It help to keep the skin smooth. For better effect scrub first then apply a thick cream.

For a better treatment of rough elbows use twice a day a hydrating cream. If the problem consists, the extra rough elbows can be soften applying Vaseline before you go to sleep. It’s used to seal in moisture and has great results. I know is not comfortable, too many operations before sleep, but you have to suffer a little if you want to look great and everybody envy you. Cover the rough elbows with terry-cloth wristbands in order to keep the sheets clean. The effect of the moisturizer that will work during the night won’t be let too long to appear.

Worry if the rough elbows problem is still after a week of using Vaseline and then moisturizer. For sure you have to see a doctor, a dermatologist, a professional that will prescribe a stronger cream. Redness and inflammation could be caused by a genetic disease, like psoriasis.