One of the most fragrant and delicious fruits of autumn is Quince. Rich in vitamins, it stimulates appetite, nausea cut has tonic and stimulant. Also, the quinces are cooked the most delicious jams, jams, marmalade, pies, juices, fruit dishes and baked chicken.

Historians say quince dates back over 4000 years. Of ancient Greece have spread rapidly throughout Europe and Asia. Fruit, leaves and seeds were used in teas and cough preparations for combat, to heal the skin, diseases of heart and liver.

Quince is considered a long lost relative with apple and pear, therefore part of the same family. Although it is less stifling, quince is a rich source of vitamins and minerals: provitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E, PP, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium.

What for is good the quince?

– First has a great effect on the psyche, giving a good mood. It is used successfully in case of digestive and combat diarrhea, especially children. Because quince taste is right to remove nausea.
– Effect on the circulatory system, especially in lowering blood pressure. Also, in ear diseases and improve asthma problems. Do not forget anti-inflammatory properties, astringent, analgesic, antispasmodic, emollient (especially seeds), expectorant. Quince is useful in pulmonary diseases, even in tuberculosis.
– Natural fruits are designed to stimulate appetite. Juice is prepared from ripe quinces well and is used for its antiseptic properties, hemostatic, astringent and diuretic. As for external use, is good in treating anal fissures and improve skin irritations. Quince shells are used to combat wrinkles.
– Because it is rich in fiber, quinces is recommended in diets of people who want to lose weight.

What is made from quinces?

The fruit can be boiled, baked or dried. Important is that the fruit retains its majority and by preparing thermal properties. Baked quince is more aromatic if they put a teaspoon of honey on top of each slice.
For foods quince is indicated in preparations with chicken, chicken or turkey: roast chicken with quince, quince sauce turkey, soup quince.
Let’s not forget the sauce, jam, jelly, jelly, marmalade and jam. Used alone or as ingredients in pancakes, pies, cakes, sandwiches. For infants quince purée is delicious.
Prepare skilled housewives and caramelized quince (with flan) and different quince cakes that are in combination with other fruits, apples, with pears, oranges.

– Do not eat seeds in large quantity because it can become poisonous to the body.
– Not leave children to bite the quince is very hard. Cut them into thin slices and let them Grater.

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