Perfect Sun Tanning

sun bathIt’s ‘very important to first protect themselves adequately from sunlight, regardless of their complexion or who is already tanned or not and than to learn more about secrets for a perfect sun tanning.

The sunscreen may be chosen based on various factors, such as phototype, that is the complexion, the moment of the day in which you want to expose to the sun, the presence of reflective surfaces such as sand, water or snow, and area, as the mountain, so the tropics. You can consult the pharmacist about which shade of protection to choose from.

The protection factor cream from an indication of how long you can stay in the sun without burning. However, even if you choose a cream is very powerful need to use it in the right way so as not to nullify its effect. First you need to spread at least 30 minutes before exposure, so that the active ingredients can be absorbed by the skin and make the most of their function.

It’s very important to apply the protection again during the day because the perspiration, bathing and showering reduce its effectiveness. Spread the cream regularly will also ensure that the skin is always hydrated and maintain a longer tanning.

Among the products include sunscreen cream, oil, milk, gel, spray water and solar energy. Usually, creams and gels are indicated for the face or body parts is not extended, while other types can be used throughout the body. The oils are usually a low protection factor, gives luster to the skin and encourage the penetration of radiation. For these reasons are given in less sunny hours and when you do not have the skin clear.

When you choose a product is better protective finally opt for a water resistant so it can resist even if you sweat a lot or if you make many bathrooms. In addition to the choice of protection, a nice tan is achieved by following certain guidelines. It should be used first of all the skin to the sun, exposing in a gradual way in the first few days of vacation.

The first few days of sun disappears in a short time because it is determined by melanin present in the surface layers of the skin. After about a week of exposure you get the classic long-lasting tan. The best moments are sunbathing in the morning till 11 and in the late afternoon, avoiding the hottest hours. Move often and turn around to get a more homogeneous.

Also important is the diet. You have to choose foods rich in vitamins that will ensure proper hydration of the skin. Therefore preferred the vitamin C contained in fruit, peppers and citrus, vitamin E in the eggs and broccoli, and vitamin A, contained in red and yellow vegetables.

Integrators based on beta-carotene helps to give skin a golden color but not protecting it from ultraviolet rays. The self may be useful to give a nice color to the skin when you are not yet tanned or to return from holidays to keep the color longer. However, provide no protection from ultraviolet rays. Finally after a day in the sun should be used a product that help to keep your skin hydrated and elastic, for a perfect sun tanning and a longer one.