Perfect Skin

BeautyPerfect skin is hard to be obtained without commitment. Devote yourself to the face skin care that is very important because, typically, the face is our first business card. It’s a must, therefore, read a few but important rules.

Daily cleansing is essential for those who use makeup, but the trick is also for those who do not care make up during the day. Smog and dust choke our skin so that, at least in the morning and evening, you must cleanse your face using the best products according to your skin type, in order to have a perfect skin.

The lips are the most sensitive of the face as the film lipoditico free. Important, therefore, always protect them, a very good product is cocoa butter.

The eyes require specific products especially if you have to remove residues of mascara. We must not, in fact, irritate the skin of the eyes.

Contrary to what one believes, the oily skin is the most delicate and sensitive so it must be treated with non-aggressive to take under control the production of sebum.

Dry skin must be constantly hydrated with a good moisturizing and nourishing cream. If you suffer from couperose, do not wash your face with warm water.

It is also important to protect the skin from sunlight. In the market there are many moisturizing creams with filter protection. What damages the skin are also smoking, poor diet, use of wrong products and the low use to a good regular cleaning of the face with an expert beautician.

If you have skin problems, however, is always good to keep in mind that a visit by the dermatologist can avoid the aggravation of the situation.

Cosmetics are not all equal, and in recent years have become increasingly specific to the type of skin and the level of aging. A correct diagnosis can frame the problem and select the products, according to the active but also to the content in “ingredients”, of which we speak very little but which are the more than 80% of the formulation. These are the basic ingredients, which are dissolved active substances, which also interact with the skin every day influencing the state.