Oily Skin

oily skinOily Skin tips to combat the skin problems

To have a fresh look find out more about face skin tips. Fist of all you need to know your face type. Try the following test to see if your face type is oily, dry, mixed or normal. To do this test wafer cigarette. Wash face with a neutral soap and after 3 hours, when the skin has regained acidity,  applied it on different parts of the face. We watch every time the transparent wafer that is light. If is having spots this means you have a oily skin. In general the skin pH is slightly acid. If the pH is alkaline, the skin becomes vulnerable to infections (pimples, irritation, redness).

Oily skin means that your skin has too much sebum,  it is shiny and have dilated pores. A good thing is that wrinkles appears more difficult to these people, but often they have black points. Black points are easily infected and lead to pimples. Water washing will be at room temperature. Sometimes it is good warm-cold switching, which improves blood circulation and help feed the skin. For oily skin the best lotions are the ones containing cucumber juice. Closing pores can be achieved with raw milk or water bran, mixed with lemon juice. Skin with acne tend can be erased with yogurt, buttermilk, which increase the acidity of the skin. After washing the head, when pores are dilated or the steam bath with herbs, will remove the black (best by beautician) and will rub against the bran of wheat dough –  a peak of borax or bicarbonate knife.

Try this tips about oily skin and tell us if they worked!