Move or pay?

perfect-bodyYou’ve ready a lot of article about how to take care or your skin, but you never respect the recommendations. You always start diets or products but you quit fast. Why? You never have time for yourself.

What if there is an application which can help you like a reminder to achieve your goal. At least for 30 days. And if you not, you pay $5 per each day you did not succeed to a charity program.

How does MOVEorPAY works?

MOVEorPAY will help you achieve that personal objective. You will get an extra benefit by  increasing your personal brand. Your friends will admire you for your determination! :)

But why MOVEorPAY does it work beautifully?

Because of 2 things:
1. social pressure (you’ll make a fool of yourself to your friends if you don’t do what you said OR your personal brand will boost if you do fulfill your pledge)
2. the fear of losing the money (at the end of the 30 days, you’ll get the money back for the days you kept your promise. If not, we’ll donate them to charity.)

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Good luck completing your goals.