Lupus Natural Remedies

Some times it is no harm to treat lupus natural remedies. This recipe is for 2 types of lupus (erythematosus, hectic).

External use – prepare the following tea:

– 5 gr celandine,

– 3 gr wolf apple,

– 70 gr marigold,

-40 gr black poplar,

All these plants mix well and then boil it in 3 liters of water for 30 minutes. Lavement are local and put compression 2-3 times per day.

Intern use – prepare the following tea:

-3 gr celandine,

– 1 gr wolf apple,

– 10 gr marigold,

– 21gr black poplar.

Boil the mixture into one and a half liter of water, while 30 minutes. Through away the plants and keep the liquid and drink every 50 ml of tea, 3 times daily before meals with 30 minutes.

As ointment use the following composition:

– mix 30gr celandine dry and piss to turn into powder, with lanolin 15gr, 10gr vaseline and 10 drops of acid fenician. Ung places are sick leave and groom 3 days. Continue till healing.

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