Know Your Skin Type!

Because you are a smart woman, your choices in terms of skin care should be based on good knowledge of skin needs, special needs that need to take into consideration the daily beauty ritual.

We must carefully observe how your skin reacts to various assaults of the environment, but also to metabolic imbalance, the diet or an unhealthy lifestyle.

To better understand your skin, go to pharmacy specialists for help. They have modern equipment that accurately measure the most important parameters of healthy skin.

So called dermo analyses – this simple and noninvasive procedure – is performed with a device that measures called hydration, the amount of sebum from the skin, scalp and hair pigmentation and degree of elasticity, determining the real age of the skin. Using this device can be identify eight different types of skin, which allows an individualized advice, starting with the cleansing products to moisturizing creams or hair masks.