Acne, wounds, burns – homemade treatments

Some times is better to treat acne, wounds or burns at home. Of course if is not in advance stage. Here are some natural treatment that we propose to combat the acne or to heal superficial burns or wounds.

Take the following plants:

– 1 part marigold,

– road weed (plantago) 1 part,

-½ part white wormwood,

-the root of comfrey, black wort (Symphytum officinale) ½ part.

Mix well, take 113gr blend that boiled in pure pork fat until the plants become greaves [not burn]. Leave to stand for one days preparation, after which the heated bain-marie is intermingled.

1 part = 14gr.

Another recipe is:

50gr sheep tallow is boil in 100ml fresh milk. Place the cooled until only one stands above. Take a colander and mix well with 50gr melted beeswax, 25gr butter, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil and a little cologne. Keep refrigerated in sealed boxes.