Health Benefits of Apricots

apricotsGood vision

Apricots contain the exact elements and nutrients that are needed for a good vision. Health benefits of apricots are recognize by the specialists, the beta-carotene in apricots, which is a Vitamin A, is used by the human organism to protect the eyes and also keeps the skin, hair, gum and various glands healthy.

Intestinal care

Known by the high content of soluble fibers, apricots help maintain regular dygestion function. They are also good to destroy intestinal worms and can remove gallstones.

Prevent blood pressure and anemia

Health benefits of apricots, used as dried fruits, are known for the properties to have rich potassium level that regulate the high blood pressure. Anemia is cure due to the high content of iron in apricot, makes it an excellent food for people if it’s eaten in quantities of min. 200 gr. per day.

Controls body temperature and cures fever

One of the health benefits of apricot is that is helping control the body temperature. Is an ideal cure for fever. Fresh juice of apricots, mixed with glucose or honey, is a very cooling drink during fevers. Due to the fact that contains high level of water, it quenches the thirst and eliminates the waste products from the body.

Skin Care

Using fresh juice of apricot leaves helps curing skin diseases. It can be applied with beneficial results in scabies,  eczema, sun-burn and itching of the skin due to high exposure to sun.

Use also apricot juice on your hair, and will make it stronger and resistant, also will became shinny and you will be glamorous.

See for yourself the health benefits of apricots. Is very cheap to try it!