GrapefruitEveryone how wants to start a diet has to learn more about grapefruit. Grapefruit occupies a good place among the citrus flavor because of their properties. Are refreshing and qualities. They vary in color, the color of the shell can be from a yellow to pale pink.

Nutritive value

The fruit is nutritious and have almost the same properties as orange or lemon. Variant without seeds is better because it contains a larger quantity of sugar, calcium and phosphorus.

Values for 100 g of fruit:
– Water 92.0%
-Protein 0.7%
– Fat 0.1%

– Minerals 0.2%

– Carbohydrates 7.0%

– only 42 calories.

Grapefruit contains: Calcium 20 mg, Phosphorus 20 mg, Iron 0.2 mg, Vitamin C 31 mg.

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