Eat Healthy Food

“Eat healthy food!”. This is a good advice that I received a long time ago and now I see the results. Not only I lost weight (not too much, but exactly the weight that makes me feel better), but also I feel fool of energy and optimistic.

So, I say it again, for everybody who wants to listen: Eat healthy food!”

Give your body the whole range of substances necessary for daily consumption
– 50-55% carbohydrates
– 15-20% protein
– Unsaturated fats
– Fiber
– Vitamins
– Mineral
– Lots and lots of water
Vegetables, fruits and cereals must be over 60% of your daily menu.
Recommended unsaturated fat comes from nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils, fish or avocado.
Give yourself a balanced diet every day, in exchange for drastic diets, which after a while becomes imbalance in the body and bring excess fat as soon as they are interrupted.

Uses as many fresh foods as you can eat, without additives and preservatives, as natural as possible.

Try to respect the advice and eat healthy food each day, don’t let yourself influence by the smell or taste, think that is more important to eat healthy food so you have a better life and a longer one.
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