Dry Hands

hands2Dry Hands causes
The hands are the most use parts of the body. Daily you are using chemicals, detergents, etc. The skin covering your hands is suffering of dehydration. Protection is very important for dry hands. In the winter wear gloves outdoors. Use rubber glove each time you are washing the dishes. Each time you wash your hands, use moisturize afterward.

How to treat

Use extra moisture for dry hands (available at drugstores) each time after washing hands. Apply hand cream before you go to bed. Let us tell you a secret: during the night wear white cotton gloves. They  allow better absorption of the cream.

See a professional if: your hands are cracked, sting or burn when you apply creams. There are a lot of disease at the hands skin level, that should be treated by a doctor. Dry hands may have eczema, psoriasis, or an allergy. Is not always easy to figure out the problem. A simple cosmetic cream don’t solve the problem. It may be needed antibiotics, or cortisone creams. Leave a professional to solve the problem of dry hands and you will handle it faster.