parsley teaDetoxification natural remedy is always the first option if you want to feel better. Try first natural treatment to your problems and then if not work, use pills, as a last option. To remove toxins from your body, tea is really great solution at  your hand. A healthy body means a healthy skin. Try to eat healthy food and drink a lot of liquids.

The most known tea used for detoxification is green tea. This time we propose you to remove toxins from your body drinking the parsley tea, about which specialists are saying that it helps you feel better after only few days of using it. Both are making miracles with your body.

Cut parsley in small parts. Put 2 tablespoons in a bowl. Put 500 ml boiling water and cover for 10 minutes. When it reach to the room temperature, you can already drink a cup.  For great results you have to consume 3 times per day, for minimum a week, bur not longer then 10 days. If you don’t like the taste, add lemon. Drink without sugar, honey or other sweetener. This is a great detoxification remedy.

You will see how your body will feel easier and you will feel full of energy!