Better to squeeze pimples?

Is it better to squeeze pimples? Even is not, everybody does it.

Pimples are the most unpleasant part of acne. When everything is going well, a big pimple, yellow and very visible ruins your whole look. What to do? Better to squeeze pimples? Leave them?

Here’s what experts say:

The rule is only one: do not try to break or squeeze a pimple!

The risks are high: the infection will spread (when you press on it, the content will only have two directions to spread – up and down. If it goes down it is likely to break the wall of the follicle and the bacteria will create other pimples. Or worse, will remain a very unsightly scar). What are you choosing?
If however you decide to break the pimple, here’s a guide to minimize (not eliminate) risks – How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps.

Learn your lesson and see that is not better to squeeze pimples.

How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps

If you are one of that persons that can not resit the temptation to squeeze pimples, follow the advice presented in How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps. This will make you lower the risks of infections.

How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps

– do not break a pimple if you do not have that top white – white point. If it’s just red, do not touch it.

– wash your face with warm water (not cold or hot in any case) with nonalergenic soap that has a pH close to the skin.

– take a needle and pass it through the flame of a lighter or match. This will sterilize the needle.

– wait until the needle cools , then wipe it with a clean cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

– wipe the pimple with alcohol or other astringent liquid that is used for cleaning the skin.

– place the needle parallel to the skin. Sting it from side, in the same parallel position to the skin.

– using a cotton pad press down around the pimple. If you want to use only your fingers, wash hands well and wipe them with alcohol. Do not try to squeeze pimples between the fingers, as I already said, the infection will extend down and make things worse. Push gently until all the pus comes out and you can see that the blood beginning to emerge.

– wipe the pus with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or mild astringent solution.

– after two or three minutes, you can apply a solution against pimples or a cream with aloe vera.

– do not ever squeeze pimples if you have cystic acne.

Photopneumatic treatment for acne

Photopneumatic treatment for acne is a new treatment for acne, that was announced at the meeting of the American Society for Surgery Dermatology. The Aesthera Company  already recognized the two treatments combined (laser and pneumatic photo = = vacuum) and created Profusion (TM) Skin Therapy.

Photopneumatic treatment for acne works in two steps. The first step is mechanical cleaning pores of sebum, using vacuum, while treating the affected area with laser light. In the second stage is inserted into the skin using the applicator Profusion, a therapeutic compound whose formula was not revealed.

The whole treatment will take 15 minutes , it is not painful and does not require local anesthesia.

“… Is a truly revolutionary approach to aesthetic medicine where the fusion of exceptional scientists and clinical results have created the most requested treatment,” said Vic Narurkar, MD, Director of Bay Area Laser Institute in San Francisco, talking about photopneumatic treatment for acne.

Profusion overcome the barriers of external localized treatments using the vacuum to expand the intercellular space. Thus, when the skin is so stretched, the application of therapeutic compounds achieve four key points:

-penetration depth of skin layer

-uniform distribution

-applying sufficient amounts of therapeutic compounds

-absorption rate

As photopneumatica technology, it has increased efficiency in both forms of cystic acne and inflammatory pustules or comedones in those. The results are seen after 24 or 48 hours.

We hope that our article will help you decide if photopneumatic treatment for acne is a solution to your problem. Tell us about it!


About Acne

Here it is a  Natural products for acne treatment, Acnezine is choosen by many teenage and other user for cures their acne problems.Get the best acne treatment cream for the best result.  Acne is very common its actually considered a normal part of puberty, i know it dose not help when your looking at a big pimple in the mirror. What actually helps is learning about what causes them and the solution to take care of your skin. Everybody has hair all over their skin even if you cant see it. Acne occurs when the hair follicules or pores get clogged with oil.

Acne – Physiopathology

Sebum hyper secretion and hyper keratin channel follicular (due to growth and proliferation acceding corneocytes) lead to the formation pimple which then evolves towards microchist or open pimple.

Micro cysts are the starting points of the inflammatory lesions, papules, pustules of derma wounds their training with larger retention elements retention macro cysts. Comedogenesis explain the mechanisms that are not fully elucidated; it seems that major androgens have propionic bacterium acnes and determinism in the inflammatory response.

Sebum hyper secretion is essential for formation of acne lesions. Sebum glands are under the control of androgenic stimuli and are considered as sebum secretion is triggered and maintained by free testosterone and testicular origin dehydriepiandrosteron and delta 4 androstendion home suprarenal.

Since testosterone dosage in patients with acne may show levels of normal serum and urine, are considered to be a different responsiveness to androgen (a sebum glands) from one person to another. The persons with acnee  metabolized more androgens receptors in sebum – pilos (2 up to 20 times more than the healthy subjects).

Cells exist in sebum enzymatic equipment able to convert precursors androgenic metabolites in active sebaceous lipid biosynthesis Material: 17 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase and 5 alpha reductase. Biological endocelular efect produced by these enzymes is dihydrotestosterone which is a hormonal stimulus selective secretion of sebum. The fact that acne is represented equally in both sexes that you sebaceea secretion is under the control of androgenic supra renal and not under the control of testosterone.

Hyper sebum is assessed according to the secretions sebum. On top acne subjects this level is increased and proportionally with the severity of acne. Dosage should not be made only if hormonal forms of acne accompanied by hirsutism or acne resistant to treatment.


Acne is a common disease, in part genetically determined, observed especially during pubertara, but also in adults. It is a disease in which coexist polimorfa retention and inflammatory lesions are often on a leather seboreica.

Acne treatment must take into account the type of acne: retention, or joint inflammation, the intensity and seriousness, the Triggers of any association or other diseases. At the onset of disease lesions retention is reduced clinical picture may be insignificant but the treatment is sometimes difficult.

It is essential that the patient is guided towards the dermatologist, to discuss with the patient, and to explain the evolution of the disease and eradicate preconceived ideas.

Dermatology defines and establishes the potential severity depending on the therapeutic strategy. Of acne lesions induce an increased reactivity to emotional instability, stress, and even dismorfofobie. The dermatologist must be prepared to treat the disease but also to behavioral changes deceleze to take on the psychological support of the patient or to use aid psychologist or psychiatrist.

Acne is a common disease, in part genetically determined, observed especially during pubertara, but also in adults. It is a disease in which coexist polimorfa retention and inflammatory lesions are often on a leather seboreica.