Hand Care

Hand Care

hands careHands are the second body parts that a person observe at you. When you introduce yourself to others you are shaking hands, in this case not only the other person sees your hands, but also feels them. We also have the habit to express ourselves using our hands, and the observer is always following the hands with the eyes. Is like a second visit card (fist a person look to the face, see Face Care tips and useful information). Tell about your way of life, how well you take care of yourself, how you lead your life, tell about your age. For sure you don’t want to look older then your age. People are judging. So, i think there are a lot of arguments for convince you to pay attention to hand care.

Hand care can make your hands beautiful, look better and younger. The hands are probably the most use body parts in a working day. You wash your teeth, your brush your hair, you close the door, you drive, you work on your computer, you eat, you, you, you… Are so many processes that your hands have to do every day.  Weather conditions, chemicals, dirt, dust, detergents, etc. All are dangerous for your hands skin.

Take care of your hands. Treat them well, as they are essential for your existence. Read more about hand care tips, natural hand care products and many other useful information on our website.

Hair Care

hair careHair care is about hygiene and good health of your hair. Even your hair is long, medium, or short, dry, oily or normal, hair care is important. Hair care tips, reviews and information will help you to improve the look of your hair.

Hair care is different from person to person, to one’s hair type or color, to another. Choose the right products for your daily hair care and you will have a beautiful, enviable hair. Sometimes natural treatments or products are more efficient then the cosmetics. In the category Natural remedies find out more about natural herb and plants that you can use for your hair.

Hair care is also about the hair removal from some of your body parts. To find out more about facial hair care (eye brows, mustache, beard, etc.), pubic, hands and feet hair, chest or back, etc., read in Body Care category.

Body Care

body care 1It’s Summer time and the weather is hot. After a working day you feel exhausted and your body needs help. Try to relax and try a body care program, you will feel the difference.

Body care is important for your health. Keep your body clean and hydrated.

1. Start the day with a warm shower. If your skin supports it, use cold water. It’s refreshing and will fill you with energy. Also is good for blood circulation.

2. Use anti solar cream with UV protection for the entire body.

3. During the day use a aqua thermal spray and hydrate your body skin, of course, the visible parts.

4. In the evening take a warm, soothing bath. Put lavender for reducing the muscle tension. You can choose chamomile for reducing swelling and skin pain. Also very good for relaxing are lime flowers. Lie in the bath for maximum 30 minutes.

5. Use an exfoliate lotion, and then hydrate the body with a moisturizing cream. Make sure that you’ll cover the entire body. Don’t forget your neck, or your hands and feet. Is not important the brand your body skin products you use, is very important to be appropriate with your skin type.

6. Take a good night sleep of minimum 7 hours.

Body care program has to be daily, for you to have great results. With the passing time the minutes you spend taking care of your body will decrease. It won’t seams to hard to do it. This body care program is not expensive and you will look younger during only 2 weeks.

Skin Care

Skin Care

body care 2Skin care has to be mandatory for everyone who wants to have healthy skin. We have to preoccupy ourselves harder.

Skin care is important for us, the skin is like a visit card, tells about health problems, if there are, it makes us beauty or gave us confidence.Skin care is not easy but is essential.

Do you know which are the skin problems? Some times a small uncontrolled problem can generate a disease. Skin care natural remedies home made are perfect to hydrate your skin, to solf acne problems, or , skin care treatments, skin care products, skin care tips, how to have healthy skin by taking under control your diet.

Take care about your body, face, hair, hands and feet daily. But don’t use too much cosmetics, may harm your skin.

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