Home-made stretch marks lotions

Home-made stretch marks lotions such as cocoa butter – shea butter helps you reduce the stretch marks.

For this recipe will be needed the following ingredients:

– ½ cup cocoa butter or shea butter,

– 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil or olive oil,

– 1tbsp of vitamin E oil,

– 2 tablespoons of honey solid.

Heat until honey becomes solid mixture, stirring well. Store mixture in a sealed jar in the refrigerator. Apply this cream on the stretch marks once a day, massaging the skin easily.
Another recipe is home-made aloe vera cream

Use the following ingredients:

– ½ cup olive oil,

– ¼ cup aloe vera gel,

– 4 vitamin E capsules,

– 2 capsules of vitamin A.

Remove liquid from capsules and mix it with all the ingredients. Store mixture in a sealed jar in the refrigerator. Apply this cream on the stretch marks once a day, massaging the skin easily.
Tell us How do you treat your stretch marks? Do you have an efficient home-made stretch marks lotions for treatment?

Essance, natural aromatherapy & skincare

Essance, natural aromatherapy & skincare

Essance offers healthy and natural skincare products that provide aromatherapy effects soothing for the body, mind, and soul. These products included facial regimens, perfume oils, body oils, massage oils, essential oils, & eye pillows. All of our products are made with pure botanical plant extracts & natural vegetable oils that deliver essential vitamins, nutrients, & antioxidants back into the skin. At the same time we thrive for the sustainability and health of our environment through elimination of few chemicals. Through these goals we can achieve a cleaner environment for all living thing…

Essance, natural aromatherapy & skincare

Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath

turkish_bath2The Hamman Turkish-bath is an ancient Eastern tradition, already known and appreciated by the ancient Egyptians, to benefit from the steam effects for our health.

The Hammam is a real rite of welfare, which has its specific ceremonial to be followed; Maghreb women use it to remove from your body grains of desert sand and relax while sipping a mint tea, known by toning .

To have a light skin perfectly smooth and you should perform a deep exfoliation to remove dead cells and give, both elasticity and firmness to the skin surface: it begins, then, by the “steam bath”, which opens the pores and helps with the sweating the elimination of toxins. Continue washing with a special black soap made of olive oil, which cleans and smooths the skin leaving it very smooth. One last step is the passage of a glove of horsehair on the whole body to be carried out by exerting a strong massage. Finally, the Eastern tradition suggests still remain a little to relax by drinking mint tea.

With a few tricks you can play even in a small house hammam and enjoy the same beneficial effects on health: you can scent the bath with eucalyptus essence, which is very aromatic and promotes the release of the respiratory tract, then saturated environment steam by the water heater.

By sitting in the tub, you go up to about 10 cm above the water level and warm, when the skin is well moistened, massaging it with a scrub cream, and from the ankles up toward the sides and shoulders. The movement must always be sensitive, from bottom to top.

In conclusion it is a nice hot shower and enjoying the famous mint tea.

The Turkish bath is more “wet” sauna and is therefore more delicate skin on the airways: it consists in a closed environment and waterproofed, saturated steam at a temperature between 40 C and 60 °. The sauna, however, is dry and comes up to 90 C °. The temperature lower than the dell’hammam sauna allows trattenervisi longer, but paying attention to the signals that we send our body and never exceed twenty minutes.

The Turkish bath, as well as purify and make more toned, supple and shiny skin, is used to combat stress, acne, insomnia, rheumatic pain, dermatitis, colds, and respiratory disorders.

Before you undergo the Turkish bath is necessary to conduct a medical examination, is mandatory for those who suffer from high or low pressure, heart or circulatory problems, kidney disease. The first effect of the heat is the dilation of blood vessels, improves circulation, it is necessary to pay attention to the time of maximum tolerance to heat. Your body signals you with the pulse of the times that it’s time to go out with a refreshing cold shower, and then return safely in the Turkish bath.

The beneficial effects of the Turkish bath will be visible in a short time: a more beautiful skin, improve metabolism and lose weight more easily. Those who want to customize your steam bath can be applied to the skin of essential oils.

Here is some tips and recommended procedure to follow to enjoy a quiet, relaxing and a nice safety Turkish bath:

1. Before entering, take a warm shower to prepare to the best skin treatment;

2. First you can drink a hot herbal tea to promote sweating during the Turkish bath;

3. When you are surrounded by vapors benefits, know that to facilitate the movement is preferable to lying down or even sit with your legs higher than the bust;

4.  Clutches with a glove of horsehair to stimulate circulation and remove dead cells.

turkish bathProcedure

1. Revenue in the Turkish bath and choose a relaxing and comfortable position;

2. Don’t stay longer than 20 minutes. But, beware, if you stay longer take your pulse every 5 minutes;

3. Exit and take a cold shower (preferably with Jacuzzi);

4.  Returned Turkish bath for another 15 minutes;

5. Take a cold shower or better yet completely immerse for half a minute into the pan of cold water or, better still, frozen;

6. Once finished, accommodate  calmly for reaching the body normal temperature;

7. Lie down covering with a blanket and relax for at least 20 minutes;

8. Remember to restore the fluid lost by drinking a lot of water.

Finally remains only to wish you: Enjoy Turkish bath!

Health Benefits of Lime

Health Benefits of Lime

lime juiceThe health benefits of lime are multiples. Limes are used for scurvy, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gum, eye care, piles, urinary disorders, and others like arthritis, rheumatism, prostrate and colon cancer, cholera, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fatigue, heart diseases and even very high fever. But we will talk only the properties that help lose weight and how lime contributes to skin care beauty.

Health benefits of lime for skin care

Lime juice and the oil produce from fresh fruits are having only beneficial effects for skin, even they are consumed orally or applied externally.

Use a foam from a white egg and combine with some grater lime peel. Apply it on the skin and cover with a cold towel for 10 minutes. When applied externally on skin, its acids scrub out the dead cells, cures dandruff, rashes, bruises, etc. A lot of skin diseases are solved.

The reinvigorating effects won’t appear too late. Lime juice rejuvenates the skin, protects it from infections, keeps it shining. Due to the presence of the high level of vitamin C reduces body odor, activating as a anti oxidant, anti biotic and disinfectant.

After a hard working day come at home and take a hot bath in which put slices of limes, and 200 ml of juice. This refreshing bath will give you energy, and your skin will feel great in every pore. Don’t forget that the smell of lime is very good as aroma therapy.

Lime juice can be used to make your hair become lighter with sun exposure. However it can make your skin darker with sunlight. Your skin bronze will stay longer.

Health benefits of lime will help you feel great and refreshing. Try it now!

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment

cellulite2Here are natural remedies that we recommend for cellulite treatment:

1. Hydration

Try to drink as much water during the day and tea in particular. The following helps you eliminate toxins and excess water from the body and also improve your blood circulation.

For better results we recommend as cellulite treatment to apply lotions or anti cellulite gels.

2. Diet – eat what you watch

Often we are not give too very much importance to the food we eat. Always in the fast, at random, we are not careful about the consumption. In time, however this only affects the digestive system, the body in general, and skin, which loses its health and appearance of solidity.

Physicians recommend the following foods: bananas, avocados, citrus, nuts, onions, berries, broccoli, beans, grains of oats, fish oil, pineapples, pears and water melon.

They have the property to eliminate water from the body, anti inflammatory effects, detoxification, neutralization of free radicals and regulating blood pressure.

So try to add these foods in your daily menu and you will see how this cellulite treatment will give results over time.
3. Vitamins, best friends in the fight against Cellulite

We recommend as cellulite treatment to take care of your body monitoring the vitamins. Food supplements containing vitamins help in the fight against Cellulite, but take care not to rely only on them, because they will not give the results expected. Important is that vitamins are combined with a healthy diet. See above.

Most recommended vitamins to fight Cellulite are: calcium, iodine, potassium, sulfur, selenium, lino oily acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium. You can find the most in a food supplement which may be issued from any pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor. our advice is not to take any pills till you talk with a nutritionist. Taking vitamins too long can cause other problems, and gives appetite, that makes you want to eat more. In stead of helping you may have several kilos more in the end.

4. Small steps for big results

If you read and respect the following tips, you will see important changes in time. But it is important, of course, not to  respect them a shot period of time, but all the time.

– Coffee makes miracle. Massage your skin on areas affected by cellulite, then pack up with a plastic sheet and wait 20 minutes.

– Areas with cellulite should be massaged by circular movements with a special brush massage.

– Do not hate sport, on the contrary, try to do daily exercise, aerobic or run. Nothing puts more your blood in motion as physical activity.

– When you bath, add 2 cups of sea salt and relax yourself in hot water for 20 minutes .

– Consume more fruit and vegetables and natural juices, home made by fresh products.

– Avoid drinks too cold or too hot.

– No longer eat at fast food.

– Give up smoking and alcohol.

– Avoid excessive salt.

Honey recipe

Honey recipeHoney recipe miracle is known for a long time. Women are using bee products to maintain and prolong youth and beauty of body and skin, since the past.
Products based on honey bees have always been valued for their astringent, vitalization, nourishing, comforting.
You will get a soft skin, fresh and hydrated, and the brightness of your hair is enviable, if you will spent a part of your time to apply honey recipe natural treatment!
Below are presented some honey recipe that you can use for your face care or body care. All have immediately effects and your self confidence will grow faster.
Not only you will look beauty, but your skin will glow and you will feel glamorous!

Royal Jelly

For a perfect face skin: try a face mask truly efficient. This honey recipe it is said that was used by Queen Cleopatra to maintain her beauty. If you want to be a true beauty queens, it’s good to know that not only honey, but also royal jelly  cosmetic product is amazing.

Recommended as a nutritional supplement, royal jelly is a natural product with numerous nutritional principles covering in a small volume concentrates many organic substances, protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins, which affect blood circulation in the skin, keep the water in tissues, regenerate skin cells, give your skin elasticity and attenuates wrinkles.

Honey Recipe to try at home
Test massage with honey and you will not regret ! This honey recipe is an effective method to make your skin softer and hydrate skin of your entire body.

For Body Care: try to add a few drops of honey in warm water or milk, after which massage the skin masati with the obtained solution.

Honey recipe for Hair Care: use as masks for the hair care, a spoon of honey, add few drops of olive oil, after which massage the hair and scalp mask obtained with, your hair will definitely be healthier and more shiny.

Take a free advice:
A massage with honey, a bath to which you added a few spoons of honey or a mask on for your face skin made of bee products will definitely make you more beautiful. Remember the benefits of natural cosmetics that you are at. Choose products based on honey and you will notice the difference!