10 natural remedies for acne

Here are 10 natural remedies for acne. But first, do you know what acne is?

Acne is a stubborn disease, whose treatment is usually long. Even if you use medical or cosmetic products, natural alternative should not be ignored. Here are 10 natural remedies you can try:

Natural remedies for acne based on essential oils
1. lavender oil
2. Clove oil
3. Tea tree oil
You can dilute the 3 oils with grape seed oil, then apply them locally.

Natural remedies for acne based on honey masks

4. a mask of honey and cinnamon, finely ground. Mix until a paste is formed. Apply overnight.
5. a mask of honey and mallow powder. This mask is for girls and it applies during  the premenstrual period.

Easy to prepare natural remedies for acne
6. Marigold tea concentrate. Wash the face with this warm tea.
7. Nettle tea in high concentration. Is used  as tea marigold.
8. nettles or marigold tea, consumed twice a day for several weeks to improve liver function.
9. dab on affected area with  fresh goat milk mixed with nutmeg.
10. sulfur soap. Used daily instead of ordinary soap. You can find it at natural products stores.

Now you have here 10 natural remedies for acne ready to get rid of acne. Try them and tell us about the results.

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Acne treatment

Acne treatment

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Acne treatment

Acne Natural Treatment

Acne Natural Treatment is very appreciated by young persons. is known that is a puberty disease, but is partially related to kidney problems. For this reason you have to avoid strong spicy meals and salty, the salads too acre and sour drinks. Salads should be fresh and eat them with yogurt.

Internal Acne Natural Treatment: drink 1 liter of nettle, during one day. It helps to detoxify your body, helping the kidney function.

External Acne Natural Treatment: apply on the face skin horseradish vinegar horseradish, and leave for 10 minutes to work. Vinegar is prepared as follows: shredder a horseradish and put it in the bottle. Cover with white wine vinegar, let it soak in the sun for 10 days. Horseradish takes vinegar strength, vinegary  takes the strength from horseradish, thus forming a core of weak vinegar, which any type of skin can support.

Treat acne with diet:

– 10 days with vegetable juices and fruits

– morning enema infusion of chamomile infusion,

– cure crudivora depurativa 5-7 days per month,

– barley green juice 3×50 ml per day for 10 days,

– cure with juniper berries.

– tea drink from sage, pansy, walnut, liquorice, fennel, verbina of field, mouse tails, bite, schinduf, leaf ash, 3 tmes per day.

It is recommended twice per day a steam bath, for 25 minutes, on your head and chest. Once a day for 15 minutes, alternate Scottish shower, bath sun for 10-20 minutes.

Homemade mask

3021878907_0d4d2331e8Before we begin to prepare your beauty products at home, we  do recommend a visit to a dermatologist or family doctor to check if any ingredient (glycerin, eggs, strawberries, etc..) can trigger an allergy or skin sensitiveness.
When you chose a certain recipe of homemade masks and see results, continue to use regularly in order to obtain visible effects. Masks should be used once a week or a month, depending on your skin needs. It is very important to know your skin type.

The advantages of homemade mask consists in the fact that you know exactly what each contains, without a worry because of some unknown ingredient or expiration term. All you need you will find in the refrigerator or in a pantry and, last but not least, you’ll pay more for a pack showy but useless.

Homemade mask for oily skin
Mix 1 scoop of clay, 1 egg yolk and one spoon of avocado pulp passed. Apply on face and neck, avoiding area around eyes, and wash with warm water after about 10 minutes. Clay absorbs and eliminates excess sebum and avocado and egg yolk hydrate the skin.

Mask for dry skin
Mix 1 spoon of honey, 1 egg yolk, a spoon of almond oil and 1 spoon yogurt. Apply the mixture on the face, avoiding eye area. Wash after 10 minutes. Honey stimulates and softness face skin, eggs and almond oil penetrate and hydrate  and yogurt softness and close the face skin pores.

Mask for sensitive skin
Mixing a pulp of banana, a cup oatmeal boiled in milk, 1 egg, a spoon of honey. Applied on the face, in effect do a circular massage and let them work for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. Oat flakes clean skin in depth, the skin is soother, oat flakes are rich in vitamins and minerals; banana contains vitamin A, eggs contain lecithin, a natural emollient, and honey help to maintain the natural pH of skin.

For all skin types

Anti wrinkles mask
Wash and dry a few leaf salad. Keep them 5 minutes in hot olive oil, then apply them warm on your face. Leave to act for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water and dab the skin dry with a dry towel.

Hydration Mask
Mix 2 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons milk, spreads the mixture on the face and neck. Leave to act for 10 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Refreshing mask
1 spoon honey mix, 1 white, 1 spoon of glycerine and a cup of flour, mix until a paste is form. Apply on face and neck, wait 10 minutes, then wash with warm water.

As you can see homemade mask are using ingredients that you have it daily in your house, are easy to make and with great effects.

Acne – homemade treatment

Acne – homemade treatment is easy to do it and very effective.

Outer leaves of cabbage cut the stalk and wash in water that is juice from a lemon. Remove and wipe with a clean towel. Cut leaf stems with a knife. On a ground wood sheet grinder is cabbage with a twisted, until it become soft and take the juice. Sheet cabbage is then put on a clean gauze and place it on the sore place. Allow 5-6 hours, and repeat the operation. Before each application wash the place with some warm tea of chamomile. Treatment is repeated until clean place. It may take 3-4 days. Coptura is sometimes accompanied by temperatures of 40 degrees. After no more than 2-3 chip application swelling and the place to be cleaned and continue until complete healing.

Acne, wounds, burns – homemade treatments

Some times is better to treat acne, wounds or burns at home. Of course if is not in advance stage. Here are some natural treatment that we propose to combat the acne or to heal superficial burns or wounds.

Take the following plants:

– 1 part marigold,

– road weed (plantago) 1 part,

-½ part white wormwood,

-the root of comfrey, black wort (Symphytum officinale) ½ part.

Mix well, take 113gr blend that boiled in pure pork fat until the plants become greaves [not burn]. Leave to stand for one days preparation, after which the heated bain-marie is intermingled.

1 part = 14gr.

Another recipe is:

50gr sheep tallow is boil in 100ml fresh milk. Place the cooled until only one stands above. Take a colander and mix well with 50gr melted beeswax, 25gr butter, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil and a little cologne. Keep refrigerated in sealed boxes.