Beetroot is among vegetables the most resistant to weather the winter and also a great help to the body during cold season.
About the beneficial effect of beetroot is written a lot, is well known that it’s suppling vital energy, another thing,  equally important, that is less popularized, is that beetroot is a great aid for the health of children, even during intrauterine life. This vegetable is among the few food-medicine for pregnant women, its active substances especially protecting the fetus in the womb mutations.
Moreover, in natural medicine, this vegetable is a legend, its healing properties in blood diseases, or tumor in the liver is known since 150 years ago, when the founders of modern natural therapy were first brought to light traditional cures.
What kind of problems and what doses are administered beetroot we will see, but not before to learn how to prepare and administer.

Diet after Holyday Season

Who’s thinking to fallow a diet after Holyday Season? I believe that is no woman that has not as main goal for 2011 to loose weight. Some of us are lucky not to loose to much, but of us want to do it without too many effort. Here is a simple diet after Holyday Deason.

Consumption of citrus (oranges, lemons, mandarines, pomelo, grepfruit, etc) can be very helpful in this period, helps you have a better digestion. Pay attention when you eat  citrus. Never eat them as meal dessert. The best time is to eat  between meals as snacks.

Citrus fruits are low in calories and stimulates the production of bile, a liquid that helps digest fats in the diet efficiently. In addition, they also have a role in detoxifying and invigorating at the same time.

Please take in consideration that consuming a much bigger quantities of fruits won’t improve the results. Will make more harm, so use them with prudency, much better more often in small quantities for example one fruit 3-5 times pe day.Also good in the winter season is hot limonade (a lemon juice with one spoon of honey and hot water).

For this period, I recommend especially oranges, lemons and grapefruit, exotic fruits are not quite affordable.

Try this simple diet after holiday season. Is not having spectacular results, but will help you fight with fats and to make your imune system stronger in order to be prepared to future colds.


One of the most fragrant and delicious fruits of autumn is Quince. Rich in vitamins, it stimulates appetite, nausea cut has tonic and stimulant. Also, the quinces are cooked the most delicious jams, jams, marmalade, pies, juices, fruit dishes and baked chicken.

Historians say quince dates back over 4000 years. Of ancient Greece have spread rapidly throughout Europe and Asia. Fruit, leaves and seeds were used in teas and cough preparations for combat, to heal the skin, diseases of heart and liver.

Quince is considered a long lost relative with apple and pear, therefore part of the same family. Although it is less stifling, quince is a rich source of vitamins and minerals: provitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E, PP, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium.

What for is good the quince?

– First has a great effect on the psyche, giving a good mood. It is used successfully in case of digestive and combat diarrhea, especially children. Because quince taste is right to remove nausea.
– Effect on the circulatory system, especially in lowering blood pressure. Also, in ear diseases and improve asthma problems. Do not forget anti-inflammatory properties, astringent, analgesic, antispasmodic, emollient (especially seeds), expectorant. Quince is useful in pulmonary diseases, even in tuberculosis.
– Natural fruits are designed to stimulate appetite. Juice is prepared from ripe quinces well and is used for its antiseptic properties, hemostatic, astringent and diuretic. As for external use, is good in treating anal fissures and improve skin irritations. Quince shells are used to combat wrinkles.
– Because it is rich in fiber, quinces is recommended in diets of people who want to lose weight.

What is made from quinces?

The fruit can be boiled, baked or dried. Important is that the fruit retains its majority and by preparing thermal properties. Baked quince is more aromatic if they put a teaspoon of honey on top of each slice.
For foods quince is indicated in preparations with chicken, chicken or turkey: roast chicken with quince, quince sauce turkey, soup quince.
Let’s not forget the sauce, jam, jelly, jelly, marmalade and jam. Used alone or as ingredients in pancakes, pies, cakes, sandwiches. For infants quince purée is delicious.
Prepare skilled housewives and caramelized quince (with flan) and different quince cakes that are in combination with other fruits, apples, with pears, oranges.

– Do not eat seeds in large quantity because it can become poisonous to the body.
– Not leave children to bite the quince is very hard. Cut them into thin slices and let them Grater.


GrapefruitEveryone how wants to start a diet has to learn more about grapefruit. Grapefruit occupies a good place among the citrus flavor because of their properties. Are refreshing and qualities. They vary in color, the color of the shell can be from a yellow to pale pink.

Nutritive value

The fruit is nutritious and have almost the same properties as orange or lemon. Variant without seeds is better because it contains a larger quantity of sugar, calcium and phosphorus.

Values for 100 g of fruit:
– Water 92.0%
-Protein 0.7%
– Fat 0.1%

– Minerals 0.2%

– Carbohydrates 7.0%

– only 42 calories.

Grapefruit contains: Calcium 20 mg, Phosphorus 20 mg, Iron 0.2 mg, Vitamin C 31 mg.

Read more about Benefits of Grapefruit on a new article.


strawberriesSmall red fruit that not only have over 300 aromatic substances, but in particular strawberry contains vitamin C. Did You know that 150 g strawberry cover daily needs of vitamin C, considered the energy vitamin. Besides, strawberry has a rich content of  Zinc, whose main property is to help cell regeneration. About Zinc is known that it is very important for the skin, acting against inflammation, and also increasing efficiency.

High fluid from strawberry (90% is water) place them into a great snack, low in calories. 100 g of strawberries contain 30 kcal. Are ideal for a snack between meals or, why not, complete a perfect diet of fruit.

Everybody wants to know more about how to use strawberry in cosmetic treatments and what are the benefits. Read more about Health benefits of strawberry.


apples1Like other fresh fruits, apple is a healthy source of enzymes that help digestion and fight constipation. Apples contain natural sugars necessary for proper functioning of the body. But that does not mean that we should consume them in excess. Don’t eat more than 3-4 apples per day. Is not safety for your organism. And the days will be best if we start with a glass of natural fruit juice.
Apple are grown everywhere in the world, it is probable the most eaten fruit, used in salads or as desert, has a great flavor. There are more than 15 varieties of apple, but all can be reduce to three from the color perspective:
– green apple
– red apple
– yellow apple
Probably you ask yourself how can an apple help you to look better, and why i am writing about this fruit. Read more  about health benefits of apple and some natural recipes for your skin.


limeLime has it origin in the Himalayan region, India, but has been grown all over the continents and . Has a round form, green to yellow in color, 3–6 cm, containing sour and acidic pulp. Looks like a lot as a lemon, but it taste sweeter than lemons. Lime is often used for their property that accents the flavors of foods and beverages, very loved by chefs. They are usually smaller than lemons.

Limes are an excellent source citric acid, have natural sugar, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. It is well known by the specialists that lime contains more vitamin C than the lemon.

The lime juice forms an indispensable ingredient of salads, having the property to keep fresh the salad. In fruit salads helps to retain the normal color of fruits and accent their flavour.

Lime fruit minerals and vitamins:

– Calcium 60 mg

– Phosphorus – 20 mg

– Iron – 0.3 mg

– Vitamin C – 63 mg

– Vitamins B Complex – small parts

About the curative property of the lime, please read a dedicated post Health Benefits of Lime for skin problems and cure.



apricot2Originated in China, apricots feel wonderfully sensuous in the hand., the outside of the fruit has a soft downy or velvety feel, and it is a very delicate fruit with a yellowish orange skin.

Apricot contains extremely much beta carotene, the plant form of vitamin A, good as antioxidant, very good for protecting your skin by the unpleasant problems caused by sun, as pigment spots and cute. Is also a very good source of fibers (2.5 gr in each apricot).

It is said that dried apricots are even healthier. The drying process increases the concentration of the beta carotene and fibers and also the levels of potassium and iron. Apricots are bursting with potassium (about 300 milligrams in three fresh or four dried). Apricots also provide Vitamin C.

The seeds contain laetrilealso called vitamin B17, though not an official vitamin — is a natural substance extracted from apricot seeds that’s been a popular saying that apricot cure cancer, a treatment used for decades. Its anticancer effect comes from the cyanide it contains.

Fresh apricots are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, potassium, iron and are also a great source of beta-carotene. It helps in preventing cancer in organs lined by epithelial tissue, due to its high vitamin A content.

Apricot cure is recommended to stimulate the dygestive sistem. Eat 2-3 fruits of apricot per day (we recommend to eat fruits when is their season, especially in June and July).

Studies confirm the miraculous propertie of apricot cure, saying that if a person eats daily fruits and vegetable, the cancer an heart problems are prevented. Is great if a person eat 600-700 gr of apricot per day, even so eating only 200 gr the risk of having cancer decrease by 60%.

Use apricot juice for your hair. Helps becoming stronger, and has a great glow.

The most known cure is the raw apricot seeds and its extract (laetrile) that would only prolong life many times longer than chemotherapy, essential for organ regeneration.


fruitsFruits make miracles for your body. Eating or using them in several natural treatments are giving you energy, hydrate your body or skin, maintain you healthy. Vitamin C, minerals, enzyme, all are included in fruits.

Fruits are beauty friends, contain less calories and a lot of water, good for hydration. So, eat fruits because is important for your health, helps you look better, that’s why are recommended in diets.

Even cream and cosmetics are having as ingredients fruits. Reduce the aging effects on skin, reduce the appetite helps you lose weight.

Here are some fruits that makes you feel better. Read about their properties and how are good when you eat them and how to use them in some natural treatments that you can make at home. Natural remedies are recommanded for your skin, they can cure skin problems, in a great combination they even cure cancer. Try our recipes and you will see the results. See our dedicated posts:



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