Body Stretch Marks

Body stretch marks are not pleasant. At the beginning  appears first the feeling of skin dryness and itching, symptoms that often go unnoticed. Then the first signs are visible. It is not certain that the stretch mark is necessarily straight, it may also follow a curved path and have variable width and depth. The stretch mark perpendicular to the direction in which the skin tension. So across the hips, the buttocks are horizontally within a sunburst .

The most at risk of stretch marks are: breasts, here the stretch marks can appear as a result of sudden weight loss, but the most important cause of stretch marks is pregnancy, followed by nursing which involves a stretching of the skin due to the volume of breast and the sucking of the child.

The sides: the stretch marks appear along the sides after a sudden growth in height or a significant weight loss. These conditions may occur in pubertal age, before the growth of pubic hair.

The abdomen: the causes of stretch marks in this area are obesity and pregnancy. The root of the thighs, even in this here are the reasons – weight changes resulting change in the circumference of the thigh, or another cause is that of wearing pants too tight.

The buttocks: as always a considerable variation in weight may cause the skin iron and fails to adapt to change.