Better to squeeze pimples?

Is it better to squeeze pimples? Even is not, everybody does it.

Pimples are the most unpleasant part of acne. When everything is going well, a big pimple, yellow and very visible ruins your whole look. What to do? Better to squeeze pimples? Leave them?

Here’s what experts say:

The rule is only one: do not try to break or squeeze a pimple!

The risks are high: the infection will spread (when you press on it, the content will only have two directions to spread – up and down. If it goes down it is likely to break the wall of the follicle and the bacteria will create other pimples. Or worse, will remain a very unsightly scar). What are you choosing?
If however you decide to break the pimple, here’s a guide to minimize (not eliminate) risks – How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps.

Learn your lesson and see that is not better to squeeze pimples.

How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps

If you are one of that persons that can not resit the temptation to squeeze pimples, follow the advice presented in How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps. This will make you lower the risks of infections.

How to squeeze a pimple in 10 steps

– do not break a pimple if you do not have that top white – white point. If it’s just red, do not touch it.

– wash your face with warm water (not cold or hot in any case) with nonalergenic soap that has a pH close to the skin.

– take a needle and pass it through the flame of a lighter or match. This will sterilize the needle.

– wait until the needle cools , then wipe it with a clean cotton pad soaked in alcohol.

– wipe the pimple with alcohol or other astringent liquid that is used for cleaning the skin.

– place the needle parallel to the skin. Sting it from side, in the same parallel position to the skin.

– using a cotton pad press down around the pimple. If you want to use only your fingers, wash hands well and wipe them with alcohol. Do not try to squeeze pimples between the fingers, as I already said, the infection will extend down and make things worse. Push gently until all the pus comes out and you can see that the blood beginning to emerge.

– wipe the pus with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or mild astringent solution.

– after two or three minutes, you can apply a solution against pimples or a cream with aloe vera.

– do not ever squeeze pimples if you have cystic acne.

Photopneumatic treatment for acne

Photopneumatic treatment for acne is a new treatment for acne, that was announced at the meeting of the American Society for Surgery Dermatology. The Aesthera Company  already recognized the two treatments combined (laser and pneumatic photo = = vacuum) and created Profusion (TM) Skin Therapy.

Photopneumatic treatment for acne works in two steps. The first step is mechanical cleaning pores of sebum, using vacuum, while treating the affected area with laser light. In the second stage is inserted into the skin using the applicator Profusion, a therapeutic compound whose formula was not revealed.

The whole treatment will take 15 minutes , it is not painful and does not require local anesthesia.

“… Is a truly revolutionary approach to aesthetic medicine where the fusion of exceptional scientists and clinical results have created the most requested treatment,” said Vic Narurkar, MD, Director of Bay Area Laser Institute in San Francisco, talking about photopneumatic treatment for acne.

Profusion overcome the barriers of external localized treatments using the vacuum to expand the intercellular space. Thus, when the skin is so stretched, the application of therapeutic compounds achieve four key points:

-penetration depth of skin layer

-uniform distribution

-applying sufficient amounts of therapeutic compounds

-absorption rate

As photopneumatica technology, it has increased efficiency in both forms of cystic acne and inflammatory pustules or comedones in those. The results are seen after 24 or 48 hours.

We hope that our article will help you decide if photopneumatic treatment for acne is a solution to your problem. Tell us about it!

10 natural remedies for acne

Here are 10 natural remedies for acne. But first, do you know what acne is?

Acne is a stubborn disease, whose treatment is usually long. Even if you use medical or cosmetic products, natural alternative should not be ignored. Here are 10 natural remedies you can try:

Natural remedies for acne based on essential oils
1. lavender oil
2. Clove oil
3. Tea tree oil
You can dilute the 3 oils with grape seed oil, then apply them locally.

Natural remedies for acne based on honey masks

4. a mask of honey and cinnamon, finely ground. Mix until a paste is formed. Apply overnight.
5. a mask of honey and mallow powder. This mask is for girls and it applies during  the premenstrual period.

Easy to prepare natural remedies for acne
6. Marigold tea concentrate. Wash the face with this warm tea.
7. Nettle tea in high concentration. Is used  as tea marigold.
8. nettles or marigold tea, consumed twice a day for several weeks to improve liver function.
9. dab on affected area with  fresh goat milk mixed with nutmeg.
10. sulfur soap. Used daily instead of ordinary soap. You can find it at natural products stores.

Now you have here 10 natural remedies for acne ready to get rid of acne. Try them and tell us about the results.

London Diet Plan Day 2

I stated to write yesterday about London Diet Plan. Probably non of you started to follow the London Diet Plan , but one day for sure you will search a diet that works for you. I do my job to write forward and publish today London Diet Plan Day 2.

For those who did not read the article with London Diet Plan Day 1, I will like to add only this: the idea is simple 5 meals per day, lots of liquids, max 1300 calories per day distribute like this: breakfast 350 -400 calories, 350 – 400 calories at lunch, and 300 -350 at dinner. The meals between should not be more than 100 – 150 calories each.



  • boil two eggs or fry them in a non-stick pan (you may add few drops of olive oil)
  • grill 2 tomatoes
  • drink a glass of fresh orange juice


  • cheese on toast (two slices of toast topped with low fat grated cheddar, and salad leaf)
  • a bowl of onion soup
  • serve with crunchy apple


  • 100 g of roast lean pork, chicken or beef
  • two roast potatoes and piles of vegetables such as broccoli, courgettes and carrots.

For Mid -am and Mid-pm use an orange, an apple, diet biscuits.

See tomorrow London Diet plan DAY 3

London Diet Plan

Asking around I found out a London diet plan from women desperate to lose weight. This plan is not a guarantee for all women, but is never a bad thing to try a new diet, when is not involving starvation.

Few ideas that can be followed also at work, 5 meals per day, are easy to do it! Eat at breakfast no more than 350 -400 calories, 350 – 400 calories at lunch, and 300 -350 at dinner. The meals between should not be more than 100 – 150 calories each.

In addition, have half a pint of skimmed milk a day, drink herbal teas (lemon, ginger, forest fruits, vanilla, green tea) and lots of water.

Day 1


– a bowl of steaming porridge using 50 g of oats and 200 ml milk

– you can use max 1 teaspoon of brown sugar


– 300 g bowl of pea and mint soup

– you can eat a chunk of granary bread


– beef casserole (100g) with baked sweet potatoes.

– you can use other vegetables (150g) like zucchini, egg-plant, pea, broccoli, corn in stead of potatoes.

For Mid -am and Mid-pm use a banana, Greek yogurt, an apple.

See tomorrow London Diet plan DAY 2

Londoners Beauty Habits

I’ve just come back from vacation and could not miss wrinting about Londoners beauty habits.  So many things impressed me that I have a lot of articles to write about Londoners beauty habits.

First of all, London is the largest metropolitan area in UK, and some say is the largest urban zone in Europe Union.  London is like a global city, being great in so many domanins like education, commerce,  finance, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport, entertainment, art, healthcare and fashion.

I was surprise to see statistics that said that more than 45% of the population of London are not British, being composed by white british, white irish, white east europeans, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Black Caribbean, black African (nigerians and ghanaians), Chinese and an important range of mixed population.

Imagine now the chalange for beauticians to creat beauty products for such a huge range of skin types, each with his particularities. But in London in not difficult to find it. Not even are so many beauty centers, shops, salons, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc, but also people take care of themselves each day.

Being such a big city, is mandatory to leave home to work very early in the morning. Many use the tubes, and women use the time becoming experts in quick make-up, or eat on the run, being preocupied for health, reading magazins about beauty, buying DVD’s with workout exercises, all of them defining the Londoners beauty habits.

I will be back with diet recipes.


Do you know about weight risks? Overweight confers a variety of risks on women, particularly when fat stores are centered in the abdominal or truncal areas of the body.

These risks include:

– coronary heart disease;

– hypertension;

– dyslipidemias, including elevated levels of very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and LDL-C;

– diabetes;

– gallstone formation;

– and cancers of the reproductive organs.

Excess body weight has also been linked to increased risk for osteoarthritis of the knee, stress incontinence, infertility, and increased risk of infection after surgery.

Knowing the weight risks, most women used to not eat, in order to lose weight, but will have secondary effects on the human organism. Start diet after talking with a nutrition, or afert reading carefully the articles online. And let me tell you a secret – drink lots of WATER ! Read here about its benefits!

So, women, let’s do something about weight, let’s fight and do something to have a healthy body!


Throughout the course of their lives, women are vulnerable to several weight related health risks associated with being overweight, losing weight, and being underweight by choice.

Healthy body weight refers to a body size that falls within a BMI range of 20 to 25. BMI values below and above this range are associated with increased health risks. Increasingly, WHR is used in conjunction with BMI to assess weight related health risk.

The WHR is a better indicator of abdominal or truncal adiposity, a measurement more closely linked to a greater risk of  diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. A WHR greater than 0.85 puts women at higher risk of  weightrelated health problems.

Between one quarter to one third of North American adult women are overweight. In certain native and ethnic  populations, this figure may be substantially higher. Evidence indicates that there is a weight-gaining trend among adults, despite a preoccupation with body weight and despite the massive effort and billions of dollars spent in Canada and the United States trying to control weight.


Beetroot is among vegetables the most resistant to weather the winter and also a great help to the body during cold season.
About the beneficial effect of beetroot is written a lot, is well known that it’s suppling vital energy, another thing,  equally important, that is less popularized, is that beetroot is a great aid for the health of children, even during intrauterine life. This vegetable is among the few food-medicine for pregnant women, its active substances especially protecting the fetus in the womb mutations.
Moreover, in natural medicine, this vegetable is a legend, its healing properties in blood diseases, or tumor in the liver is known since 150 years ago, when the founders of modern natural therapy were first brought to light traditional cures.
What kind of problems and what doses are administered beetroot we will see, but not before to learn how to prepare and administer.

Home-made stretch marks lotions

Home-made stretch marks lotions such as cocoa butter – shea butter helps you reduce the stretch marks.

For this recipe will be needed the following ingredients:

– ½ cup cocoa butter or shea butter,

– 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil or olive oil,

– 1tbsp of vitamin E oil,

– 2 tablespoons of honey solid.

Heat until honey becomes solid mixture, stirring well. Store mixture in a sealed jar in the refrigerator. Apply this cream on the stretch marks once a day, massaging the skin easily.
Another recipe is home-made aloe vera cream

Use the following ingredients:

– ½ cup olive oil,

– ¼ cup aloe vera gel,

– 4 vitamin E capsules,

– 2 capsules of vitamin A.

Remove liquid from capsules and mix it with all the ingredients. Store mixture in a sealed jar in the refrigerator. Apply this cream on the stretch marks once a day, massaging the skin easily.
Tell us How do you treat your stretch marks? Do you have an efficient home-made stretch marks lotions for treatment?

How to fight against stretch marks

How to fight against stretch marks? Here are some ideas.
Your first ally against stretch marks is prevention. If you are pregnant or start a diet, prepare your skin for changes and help it pass through them. Start using powerful moisturizing cream more often, at least once a day, especially in areas where you know you have problems, areas where skin is more sensitive. Of course there is no guaranteed solution, but does not hurt to try.

Studies have shown that both alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids are able to reduce stretch marks. However, creams based on vitamin A are not recommended during breastfeeding, because there is no evidence so far that does not affect the composition of breast milk. But you can take vitamin A from foods such as spinach, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, apricot, mango, liver, broccoli, eggs, peppers, zucchini.
Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from plants – fruit acids – increase cell regeneration, removing the top layers of skin, the dead cells and allowing new cells take their place healthier, improving appearance and elasticity of skin and skin giving the ability to better absorb moisturizers.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that bring their huge contribution in the production of collagen, but also hormones. A vitamin C based cream is a formidable fighter health and skin elasticity is a powerful moisturizer that softens skin, a clean and exfolieaza. If you want to have some vitamin C in the body, eating foods like papaya, citrus, melons, berries, cauliflower, passion fruit, cabbage, cucumber, parsley, peppers, liver, seafood.
Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that encourages collagen production and cell repair. Is vitamin recommended by doctors to remove the unsightly effects of surgery. Thus, you can turn to capsules of vitamin E, but many struggle with stretch marks creams that contain vitamin E. Such creams have anti-inflammatory effect, and worsening battle with stretch marks. Vitamin E is found in foods such as sunflower semnitele, nuts, berries, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish.
Although used for centuries by African tribes, shea butter has appeared recently in the European market for cosmetics. Extract from a tree, shea butter has great moisturizing properties and is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no oily traces. Although products based on shea butter is more expensive, are to be effective deovedesc. Can you replace butter with shea butter, cocoa.
The best method of prevention and treatment of stretch marks is diet. And start with water, those two liters of water per day, which, alas, are effective in this regard. Proper hydration from the inside, keeps your skin elastic and collagen production to a normal level. Also, the daily consumption of foods containing the three vitamins that fight stretch marks, A, C and E nourish the skin and maintains elasticity. Of course, stress, lack of rest, drinking, smoking and a diet high in fat does not help the skin, stretch marks and favors.
You can prepare at home natural remedies for stretch mark, treatment lotions. Olive oil, massaged regularly on problem areas can work wonders, but almond oil, avocado and vitamin E. The oil is not fully repair the skin, but without the intake of intense hydration. You can try our Home-made stretch marks lotions.
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