apricot2Originated in China, apricots feel wonderfully sensuous in the hand., the outside of the fruit has a soft downy or velvety feel, and it is a very delicate fruit with a yellowish orange skin.

Apricot contains extremely much beta carotene, the plant form of vitamin A, good as antioxidant, very good for protecting your skin by the unpleasant problems caused by sun, as pigment spots and cute. Is also a very good source of fibers (2.5 gr in each apricot).

It is said that dried apricots are even healthier. The drying process increases the concentration of the beta carotene and fibers and also the levels of potassium and iron. Apricots are bursting with potassium (about 300 milligrams in three fresh or four dried). Apricots also provide Vitamin C.

The seeds contain laetrilealso called vitamin B17, though not an official vitamin — is a natural substance extracted from apricot seeds that’s been a popular saying that apricot cure cancer, a treatment used for decades. Its anticancer effect comes from the cyanide it contains.

Fresh apricots are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, potassium, iron and are also a great source of beta-carotene. It helps in preventing cancer in organs lined by epithelial tissue, due to its high vitamin A content.

Apricot cure is recommended to stimulate the dygestive sistem. Eat 2-3 fruits of apricot per day (we recommend to eat fruits when is their season, especially in June and July).

Studies confirm the miraculous propertie of apricot cure, saying that if a person eats daily fruits and vegetable, the cancer an heart problems are prevented. Is great if a person eat 600-700 gr of apricot per day, even so eating only 200 gr the risk of having cancer decrease by 60%.

Use apricot juice for your hair. Helps becoming stronger, and has a great glow.

The most known cure is the raw apricot seeds and its extract (laetrile) that would only prolong life many times longer than chemotherapy, essential for organ regeneration.