Acne Natural Treatment

Acne Natural Treatment is very appreciated by young persons. is known that is a puberty disease, but is partially related to kidney problems. For this reason you have to avoid strong spicy meals and salty, the salads too acre and sour drinks. Salads should be fresh and eat them with yogurt.

Internal Acne Natural Treatment: drink 1 liter of nettle, during one day. It helps to detoxify your body, helping the kidney function.

External Acne Natural Treatment: apply on the face skin horseradish vinegar horseradish, and leave for 10 minutes to work. Vinegar is prepared as follows: shredder a horseradish and put it in the bottle. Cover with white wine vinegar, let it soak in the sun for 10 days. Horseradish takes vinegar strength, vinegary  takes the strength from horseradish, thus forming a core of weak vinegar, which any type of skin can support.

Treat acne with diet:

– 10 days with vegetable juices and fruits

– morning enema infusion of chamomile infusion,

– cure crudivora depurativa 5-7 days per month,

– barley green juice 3×50 ml per day for 10 days,

– cure with juniper berries.

– tea drink from sage, pansy, walnut, liquorice, fennel, verbina of field, mouse tails, bite, schinduf, leaf ash, 3 tmes per day.

It is recommended twice per day a steam bath, for 25 minutes, on your head and chest. Once a day for 15 minutes, alternate Scottish shower, bath sun for 10-20 minutes.