Body Care

body care 1It’s Summer time and the weather is hot. After a working day you feel exhausted and your body needs help. Try to relax and try a body care program, you will feel the difference.

Body care is important for your health. Keep your body clean and hydrated.

1. Start the day with a warm shower. If your skin supports it, use cold water. It’s refreshing and will fill you with energy. Also is good for blood circulation.

2. Use anti solar cream with UV protection for the entire body.

3. During the day use a aqua thermal spray and hydrate your body skin, of course, the visible parts.

4. In the evening take a warm, soothing bath. Put lavender for reducing the muscle tension. You can choose chamomile for reducing swelling and skin pain. Also very good for relaxing are lime flowers. Lie in the bath for maximum 30 minutes.

5. Use an exfoliate lotion, and then hydrate the body with a moisturizing cream. Make sure that you’ll cover the entire body. Don’t forget your neck, or your hands and feet. Is not important the brand your body skin products you use, is very important to be appropriate with your skin type.

6. Take a good night sleep of minimum 7 hours.

Body care program has to be daily, for you to have great results. With the passing time the minutes you spend taking care of your body will decrease. It won’t seams to hard to do it. This body care program is not expensive and you will look younger during only 2 weeks.