Health benefits of mulberries


Did you every thought of health benefits of mulberries?

In many countries mulberries are ignored. This fruits has a lot of benefits for your health. Here are just a few heath benefits of mulberries:

– it’s a powerful anti – oxidant

– has anti inflammatory properties

– is lowering your blood presser

– improves blood circulation

– cleanses the blood

– prevents lots of heart diseases

– strengthens the immune system

– has anti aging properties

– enhances appetite

– has low calories

– may help with neurological diseases

– helps yous memory

– calms nerves

– strengthens eyesight

– cleanses and support the liver

– helps with constipation

– protect against cancer

Not yet convinced of the health benefits of mulberries? Here more:

– rich in B complex vitamins

– rich in vitamin K

– excellent source of iron

– excellent source of vitamin C

– good source of manganese and magnesium

– free radical scavenger

How to consume mulberries?

– fresh

– smoothies – combined with other fruits

– make an ice cream – adding honey to the blended smoothies and freeze for 24 h.

– juice

– and many other ways.

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Are days when we wake up with dark circles and for those days we advise you to try natural remedies to combat dark circles. Easy recipes to made them at home.

Potato juice

– Contains agents that have the property to light the skin affected by the dark circles. Therefore, either you use potatoes sliced or use the juice to dab the area under the eyes and let it work for 20 minutes. The juice is more efficient.


– Small scrape with their juice are particularly useful in the situation. Apply on the dark circles and let them for 20 minutes; wash with cold water.


– Make a chamomile tea and use the tea bags for your eyes. Helps reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. We recommend to use also the tea for put it in the freezer (or in a special container) to get ice cubes. Keep ice cubes on the eyes (over a cotton pads) for 20 minutes;

Powdered milk and honey mask

– 1 tea spoon of milk powder

– 1 tea spoon of honey

Mix the milk powder with the honey. Apply this mixture over dark circles and leave on for 15-20 minutes;

Try natural remedies to combat dark circles and tell us the results!


Try another recipe with olive oil – Olive oil with cucumber mask:
Is recommended for normal skin to clean skin effectively. You will see immediately results.


– 1 cucumber,

– sour milk,

– ½ teaspoon olive oil.

How to prepare it:

– Squeeze the juice from the cucumber, after you have grated it.

– Add  a tablespoon of sour milk and olive oil and mix well.

How to use it:

Apply the mask on your face and neck and let it act for about 20 minutes. Remove it  with cold water and then apply a moisturizer.

Try our olive oil with cucumber mask an tell us the results. 🙂


Try a new recipe with olive oil – Olive oil with buttermilk mask:
Is recommended for normal skin. Has great properties – soothes and moisturizes the  skin.

– 2 tablespoons of olive oil,

– 1 bunch of parsley.

How to prepare it:

– Put the parsley into the blender and make it a paste. Mix it with buttermilk and olive oil until it becomes a paste.

How to use it:

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Remove it with warm water.

Try our olive oil with buttermilk mask an tell us the results. 🙂


Try our recipe of Olive oil mask with lemon. It’s so easy to make it at home and so many benefits. We recommend to use it 2-3 times per week. Soon will see the results.

For any type of skin – has the main benefits that moisturizes and brightens the skin.

How to prepare it?


– 1 tablespoon olive oil,

– 3 drops of fresh lemon juice,

– ½ cup cold cooked oatmeal.

Mix well the olive oil with the lemon juice and oatmeal until it becomes a compact paste. Apply the mask on your face and neck and let it act for about 20 minutes. Remove it with warm water and then apply a moisturizer.

What are you waiting for? Go and apply it on your face and tell us about the results!


Don’t you want to try on you skin natural masks with olive oil?

natural masks with olive oilOlive oil is a real treasure for our body, whether we use it in the kitchen as a very healthy ingredient, or in our beauty care as a natural and beneficial cosmetic product.

Today we will present more face masks with olive oil that you can prepare at home, easy to make and very efficient. Some will be for types of skins, others for particular problems.

Olive oil with lemon mask for all types of skin, olive oil with buttermilk for normal skin, olive oil with cucumber for normal skin, olive oil for sensitive skin, olive oil with oatmeal for oily skin, olive oil with tomato juice for oily skin, olive oil with onion for dry skin, olive oil with beans for dry skin, olive oil with egg white for any type of skin.

All this natural masks with olive oil will be the subject of future posts. Stick around!


Here are some benefits of vitamin E for skin.

Skin Benefits:
Like vitamin C, vitamin E fights against free radicals and automatically against skin aging and the effects of sun exposure. A daily supplement of vitamin E offers protection against sun exposure , prevents wrinkles and improves skin texture.

In Cosmetics:
Cosmetic creams containing vitamin E are known for sun protection, but also because they increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers that support skin structure.

In food:
Rich sources of vitamin E are in: vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, olives, spinach, asparagus, whole grains, avocado, beef, apples, carrots, celery.

In pharmacy:
Vitamin E is found in drugstores mostly in the form of gelatin capsules.

Among  Vitamins A and C, one of the most benefits of vitamin E for skin is that fights against aging.

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Here are some benefits of Vitamin C for skin.

Skin Benefits:
Famous for fighting, along with vitamin E, free radicals, vitamin C prevents and repair the consequences of sun exposure, protecting the skin from drying and wrinkles, but also the dreaded skin cancer. Also, vitamin C encourages production of collagen, an important factor in the synthesis of connective tissue.

Vitamin C is found mostly in creams with L-ascorbic acid as the only one who manages to penetrate the skin and can give the desired elasticity, being a powerful antioxidant.

In food:
Excellent sources of vitamin C are green leafy vegetables, berries, citrus, guavele, tomatoes, melons, papaya.

In pharmacy:
Vitamin C is found in the form of tablets.

So, some of the benefits of vitamin C for skin are presented here, but the real benefit you will find for yourself.

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Here are some benefits of Vitamin B for skin.

Skin Benefits:
B vitamins are important for general health, and some of them are vital in order to have a beautiful skin. They form the basis of elasticity, but also of a proper development for nails and hair.

Many of the vitamin B complex play a major role in the producing of a face cream that is effective. We could find them on the labels as “biotin” – which helps in the reproduction of collagen, niacin – anti-inflammatory effects, increases skin brightness, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid or folic acid.

In food:

Here’s types of foods in which you can find each of the B complex vitamins, important for skin:
Biotin or Vitamin H: cheese, beef liver, cauliflower, eggs, mushrooms, pipettes chicken, salmon, spinach, nuts and peanuts.
Thiamine or Vitamin B1: sunflower seeds, peanuts, wheat, beef liver, pork, seafood, egg whites, beans.
Riboflavin or Vitamin B2: nuts, cheese, eggs, milk, fish, yoghurt.
Niacin or Vitamin B3: liver, chicken, fish, rabbit meat, nuts, grains, asparagus, seeds, milk.
Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid: beef, yeast, eggs, kidney, liver, mushrooms, nuts, pork, saltwater fish, whole grains.
Folate or vitamin B9: green vegetables, beans, whole grains, liver.

In pharmacy:
Vitamin B complex is found in pharmacies, either as tablets or soft capsules.

Great benefits of vitamin B for skin you’ll see on elasticity, but have in mind that is good for nails and hair.

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Here are some benefits of Vitamin A for skin.

Skin Benefits:
Vitamin A makes a difference in your skin health. Medical studies have shown that Vitamin A reduces wrinkles, acne control and fights effectively even with skin diseases such as psoriasis, or reduces their risk.

Vitamin A is found in many cosmetic products as beta-carotene, retinol, retinoids, retinoic acid, the main ingredient. Fighting against skin aging is the main benefit of vitamin A for skin.

In food:
Vitamin A is found naturally in great quantity in the following foods: liver, milk, egg white, carrots, green leaf vegetables, yellow fruits. So eat as many as you can.

In pharmacy:
Vitamin A can also be used as a
daily supplement, that is, either capsules or tablets. Is preferable not to take them without indications.

So, anti aging effects, fighting against acne, or renewing skin are only few benefits of vitamin a for skin.

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The 4 essential vitamins for your skin

The 4 essential vitamins for your skin are Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamins are absolutely necessary in order to have a beautiful skin. This fact has been known by the cosmetic industry for a very long time.

We know that eating healthy is important for the skin, and most vitamins come from daily consumed food. Health experts say that vitamins and minerals, in any form, have a huge importance for the health of skin, whether their source is food, supplements or a jar of cream.

Therefore bear in mind and include in your diet and skin care routine the 4 essential vitamins for your skin A, B, C and E.

Read more about each vitamin benefits.

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